GNFA 1 (Groupement National de Football Amateurs 1), is the third division of the Moroccan Football League, behind the GNF 1 and the GNF 2. Before 2004 the league was called Rabita du football amateur 1.

League format

The GNFA 1 contains four leagues; Groupe Nord, Sud, Centre and Est, each with 14 teams. When deciding which two teams are promoted to the GNF 2 the winners of the Nord and Est leagues play each other, and the winners of the Sud and Centre league play each other. The overall winners are promoted to the next league.

Teams for 2015-2016

  • Groupe Sud
    • Olympique Marrakech
    • Club Salmi
    • Renaissance Ezzmamra
    • Rapide Oued Zem
    • Tihad Casablanca
    • Chabab Benguerir
    • Amal Souk Sebt
    • Adrar Union Athlétique Souss
    • Union Sportif Amal Tiznit
    • Ittihad Fkih Ben Salah
    • Mouloudia Dakhla
    • CSM Ouarzazate
    • Mouloudia Assa
    • Mouloudia Laâyoune
    • Renaissance de Settat
    • Chabab Sakia Hamra


YearChampion Nord/EstChampion Sud/Centre
2003 Hilal de NadorUnion de Touarga
2004 Union Yacoub El MansourYoussoufia Berrechid
2005 Union de Sidi KacemWafa Wydad
2006 Tihad TémaraChabab Houara
2007 Chabab Rif HoceimaChez Ali Marrakech

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