ගණේමුල්ල (Sinhalese)
கணேமுல்ல (Tamil)

Location in Sri Lanka

Coordinates: 7°04′00″N 79°57′00″E / 7.0667°N 79.95°E / 7.0667; 79.95
Country Sri Lanka
Province Western Province
District Gampaha District
Time zone +5.30
Postal code 11020
Area code(s) 033
Ganemulla Railway station Name board indicating (013)the Station is (13) mile from Maradana.

Founded during the British era, Ganemulla (Sinhala:ගණේමුල්ල, Tamil:கணேமுல்ல ) is a midsize town situated in the Gampaha District of Sri Lanka. Ganemulla is about 9 km (5.6 mi) from Kadawatha on the Colombo-Kandy road. The nearest city to Ganemulla is Gampaha, which is about 5 kilometres (3.1 mi) away. Ganemulla is surrounded by the towns of Kadawatha, Gampaha, Ja-Ela and Kandana. The population in Ganemulla now more than 6,000 and increasing.The majority of the population are Sinhala Buddhist, with a small Catholic minority.[1]

The Sri Lanka Army Commando Regiment is located in Ganemulla.


An archaeologically important drainage line was discovered nearby Ganemulla railway station recently, believed to be used in the 18th century when some of the coastal areas of Sri Lanka was under the control of Dutch rulers. However this has not undergone a proper excavation and is currently in poor condition due to lack of restoration.


Ganemulla is the 13th railway station from Colombo Fort on Colombo-Polgahawela main railway line. 223 is the main bus route number between Ganemulla and Kadawatha, Second Bus route 218 Kadawatha & Ganemulla. 214 Gampaha-Ganemulla, 738 Kossinna- Colombo Fort, 266 and 278 both are two bus routes between Ganemulla and Ja-Ela. 276 Gampaha-Kandana bus route and 979 Gampaha-Ragama bus route are also running through the Ganemulla town.


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Coordinates: 07°04′00″N 79°57′00″E / 7.06667°N 79.95000°E / 7.06667; 79.95000

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