Coordinates: 7°0′19″N 79°57′25″E / 7.00528°N 79.95694°E / 7.00528; 79.95694Coordinates: 7°0′19″N 79°57′25″E / 7.00528°N 79.95694°E / 7.00528; 79.95694
Country Sri Lanka
Province Western Province
  Total 15,000[1]
Time zone Sri Lanka Standard Time Zone (UTC+5:30)
Area code(s) 011

'Kadawatha' (also written as Kadawata) is a suburb of Colombo city, situated on the A1 highway from Colombo to Kandy, in Sri Lanka. The distance to Colombo, the commercial capital of Sri Lanka, is about 16 km from Kadawatha. Rubber, Soft drinks, Industrial machines, Diesel motor houses, Strategic Investments & Leisure destinations are some of the industries established there. Kadawatha is a collection of many ruralities. Ganemulla,Mahara, Kirillawala, Rammuthugala, Dalupitiya, Karagahamuna (Upper and Lower), Biyanwila (Upper and Lower) and Kirimatiyagaraya are some of them.[2]

Kadawatha area is mainly administrated by the Mahara Pradeshiya Sabha (Rural Council) and some parts by the Biyagama Pradeshiya Sabha. It is a structured and infrastructure-rich Colombo suburb with a hospital (private), a police station, a bus depot, a post office, several schools, Buddhist temples and Catholic and Christian churches. Demographically, Kadawatha area is predominantly Sinhalese and partially Tamils with a majority of them being Buddhists but there is a sizable Catholic and Hindu minority. The residents show a high mobility towards the capital as many of them study or work in Colombo.

Along with recent express way developments within the island Kadawatha has been selected as a major express way interchange which connects Dakshina, Airport and proposed Kandy expressway. Recently built Kadawatha city bypass ways has added great convenient to motorists. New Court complex now in operation closer to city bypass


In the pre-British era, Kadawatha was the entrance to the Kingdom of Mahanuwara (Kandy). There are several cities bearing the same name, places that were used for bullock carts to be halted.

Accessing Kadawatha

The Kandy-Colombo main road (A-1 road) runs through this suburb. Kadawatha is 16 km far from Colombo Fort. Kadawatha is well-connected to neighbouring the other suburbs of Colombo city, such as Ragama, Kiribathgoda and Biyagama. Due to unsystematic planning, Kadawatha used to be a headache to masses with massive traffic jams during peak hours. Recently, the proper planning of town-side and road infrastructure have drastically reduced this condition. Sri Lanka's first vehicle underpass is being built in Kadawatha, facilitating avoidance of the town-centre by the traffic towards Kandy. In addition, the town will be connecting a major loop of the proposed outer-Colombo circular road which expects to connect major suburbs. This city is also a very safe place to live considering of in its written history it has never faced flooding , earth slipping or earth quake.

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