Giruwa Ambalama

Giruwa Ambalama
ගිරුවා අම්බලම

Giruwa Ambalama at Aluth Nuwara Devala premises
General information
Status Preserved
Architectural style Ambalama
Location Aluthnuwara, Kegalle
Country Sri Lanka
Designations Archaeological protected monument[1]

Giruwa Ambalama (Sinhala:ගිරුවා අම්බලම) is a historic wayside rest beside the Aluth Nuwara Dedimunda Devalaya site built by Queen Sunetradevi chief consort of King Parakramabahu II (A.D 1236-1276) and mother of King Bhuvanekabahu I.The pillars remaining at the site are supposed to be belonging to the period of King Bhuvanekabahu I.It has been conserved by the Archaeological department at least three times.

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