Glen Bredon

Glen Eugene Bredon (August 24, 1932 in Fresno, California – May 8, 2000)[1] was an American mathematician who worked in the area of topology.

Bredon studied at Stanford University and received a bachelor's degree in 1954 and a master's degree from Harvard University in 1955. In 1958 he wrote his Ph.D. thesis at Harvard (Some theorems on transformation groups) under the supervision of Andrew M. Gleason.[2][3] Since 1960 he was assistant professor and later professor at the University of California, Berkeley and since 1969 at Rutgers University, where he retired in 1993.

From 1958 to 1960 and 1966/67 he was at the Institute for Advanced Study.

The Bredon cohomology of topological spaces under action of a topological group is named after him.[4]

In the late 1980s, he wrote the program DOS.MASTER for Apple II computers. He is the author of the programs Merlin (a macro assembler) and ProSel for Apple machines.

Since 1963 he was married to folk singer Anne Bredon and had two children with her.


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