IceWarp Mail Server

IceWarp Mail Server
Developer(s) IceWarp Ltd.
Stable release
11.3.1 / October 16, 2015 (2015-10-16)
Operating system Windows, Linux
Type Mail Server, Groupware
License Proprietary

IceWarp Mail Server is a commercial mail and groupware server developed by IceWarp Ltd. It runs on Windows and Linux.[1][2] In 2009 was known as Merak Mail server.

It incorporates groupware capabilities over SyncML protocol, as well as SMTP, IMAP and POP protocols.[3][4] In 2009 it became a replacement for discontinued Groupware Server 6 developed by Software602.[5]


IceWarp Server refers to a suite of modules, each representing a core feature with some possessing feature subsets.

Mail Server

IceWarp Mail Server, sometimes called IceWarp eMail Server, is integrated with other modules, including the groupware, antispam and antivirus modules.

Protocols include SMTP/ESMTP, IMAPv4 with PUSH via IDLE command, IMAP ACL, POP3/SPOP3, APOP, HTTP(S), FTP(S) with OTP/S-Key, OpenLDAP, SIP, SIP SIMPLE, XMPP, HTTP Proxy, TLS/SSL 128-bit for all services, IPv6 including AAAA DNS records, SNMPv2, WebDAV, GroupDAV, CalDAV, SyncML 1.1, OMA DS 1.2, implements iCal, vCal, vCard, vNote, vFreeBusy formats, quoted/base64 encoding, Unicode (UTF-8), SHA1/MD5/DigestMD5 RSA encryption methods.

Web Mail

IceWarp WebMail supports Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari, and integrates with groupware, antispam and antivirus.

Web IM

IceWarp Web IM integrates with IceWarp's webmail module.


IceWarp Server includes two principal methods of managing spam that comes into the mail server.

IceWarp Anti Spam Engine, which is based upon conventional antispam methodologies.
IceWarp Anti Spam LIVE Service, which includes real-time antispam protection. LIVE utilizes technologies developed by Cyren.


IceWarp Server has integrated Kaspersky Anti-Virus Engine.


IceWarp GroupWare provides the architecture for users to share information, coordinate and collaborate. This module contains the following components:

IceWarp Files, which permits users to share files. The server administrator can assign levels of accessibility for individuals and groups.
IceWarp Tasks, which enables supervisors to establish assignments to individuals. Tasks can include deadlines with reminders sent via email, instant message and pop-up, as well as appended instructions, a deadline, and progress monitoring.
IceWarp Contacts, which functions as a web-based address book. As with other groupware modules, the server administrator can assign levels of accessibility for individuals and groups.
IceWarp Calendars, which record deadlines and events. Calendar types include Personal, Group and Global.
IceWarp Notes, which enables users to document information.
IceWarp Journal, which permits users to chart events throughout their workday.


IceWarp Server provides support for Mozilla, Thunderbird, iCal, Lightning, Entourage, Linux Evolution in WebDAV.


VoIP capabilities were introduced into IceWarp Server in August 2007. IceWarp's VoIP functionality is based upon SIP protocols.

Web Server

IceWarp's web server was introduced in February 2005 and is used principally for webmail.


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