Unison (collaboration software)

Developer(s) Unison Technologies, Inc.
Stable release
N/A (cloud service) / March 27, 2013 (2013-03-27)
Website http://www.unison.com

Unison was a collaboration software service that provided private group spaces, "rooms", to teams. It was developed by Unison Technologies, Inc., of New York City, which promoted the software as a faster alternative to group email or enterprise social networks. Functionality included instant messaging, voice and video chat, and private "rooms" where employees could post updates, files or images and respond with comments.

Unison was distributed under a freemium business model.

The software originally supported Windows PC, Mac and Linux via its web client. Unison also had clients for iOS and Android.


Earlier versions of Unison focused on unified communications, including email integration, were released in March 2008[1][2] and a commercial version in July, 2008, followed by a hosted service in 2011. These versions were deprecated, and a new version launched in 2012 as a hosted service.

On May 13, 2016, Unison announced that it would shut down its service by July 13, 2016, stating that it had not achieved the necessary scale to remain viable, and citing competitive pressures such as the growth of Slack_(software) as key reasons for its shutdown.[3]


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