Irohahime (五郎八姫, August 2, 1594 June 4, 1661) was the first daughter of Date Masamune and Megohime, and for some time, the wife of Matsudaira Tadateru. She was known to be beautiful and brilliant. Her Buddhist name is Tenrin'in (天麟院).


Irohahime was born in Jurakudai, and she was Masamune's first conjugal child. As Masamune was expecting a son, he named the child with, of course, a masculine name. After she was born, however, the name was kept.

On January 20, 1599, to deepen ties with influential warlords, she was engaged to Tokugawa Ieyasu's sixth son, Matsudaira Tadateru. It was not until December 24, 1606, that her arranged marriage took place. Ten years later, after Tadateru was exiled, this resulted in Irohahime's divorce before returning to her father in Sendai.

Irohahime died on June 4, 1661, at the age of 68.


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