Jardine SA

Jardines (in Chinese:怡和, previously known as 渣甸) is a Hong Kong football club which is now only an associate member of HKFA which does not take part in any division of the league. Jardines has quit and re-entered the league twice in 1950s and 1970s.

The team first entered Hong Kong Third Division League in 1953 and appeared in Hong Kong First Division League the first time in 1957–58 season. However, the team quit the league the first time after this season.

In 1960–61, the team re-entered the Third Division. It obtained the 1st Runner-up in Hong Kong Second Division League in 1964–65, but it gave up the right of promotion. In 1967–68, the team promoted to First Division League again after granting champion in Second Division League.

In 1968, HKFA initiated Hong Kong to run professional football. Jardines formed a strong team to compete in the league. In 1968–69, it obtained its first major trophy, Hong Kong Senior Shield. In the following season, the team captured 4 trophies including the league champion. The team was recognised by many to be the first professional football giant in Hong Kong. However, the team quit the league the second time in 1971.

The team re-entered again in 1972–93 to join the Third Division League. It made its last appearance in 1974–75 season, when it got an immediate relegation after finishing second last position in the league.

The team quit the team and became and associate member in 1982.


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