Joy Cup

Joy Cup
Tournament information
Established 1954
Format Team match play
Final year 1958
Final champion
British Isles

The Joy Cup was an annual men's professional team golf competition between teams representing the British Isles and the Rest of Europe. It was played from 1954 to 1958. The British Isles won all four contests that were played. The trophy was provided by the Jean Patou company and named after Joy perfume that they produced. The concept of a match between Great Britain/Ireland and Continental Europe was reinvented with the Seve Trophy in 2000.


The cup was contested over two days with 36-hole foursomes on the first day and 36-hole singles matches on the second day. Generally there were 5 foursomes and 10 singles except that in 1956 there were only 4 foursomes and 8 singles.


A match was planned for 19 and 20 October 1957 in Barcelona but was not held, the 1957 Ryder Cup and the Canada Cup being held in the same month.[1]

In January 1960 it was announced that the Joy Cup had been discontinued. The Jean Patou company withdrew the gold cup that the winners had received.[2]


Year Dates Venue Winners Score British Isles captain Rest of Europe captain Ref
1954 13–14 November Saint-Cloud, France British Isles 10½–4½ Henry Cotton Flory Van Donck [3][4]
1955 24–25 September Royal Lytham, England British Isles 9–6 Henry Cotton
Flory Van Donck [5]
1956 6–7 October Royal Antwerp, Belgium British Isles 9½–2½ Henry Cotton Flory Van Donck [6]
1957 19–20 October Barcelona, Spain Cancelled
1958 22–23 October Madrid, Spain British Isles 9½–5½ Dai Rees Flory Van Donck [7][8]


The following are those who played in at least one of the four matches.

British Isles

Rest of Europe


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