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For the composer, see Kate Soper (composer).

Kate Soper (born 1943) is a British philosopher and the author of and contributor to over a dozen books on feminism and Continental Philosophy, addressing the works of Jean-Paul Sartre, Karl Marx and Simone de Beauvoir, among others. She has also been involved in several environmentalist and peace movements in both the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe and some of her work addresses ecological issues. She regularly contributes columns or editorial content to the journals Radical Philosophy, New Left Review and Capitalism, Nature, Socialism and, in 1998, interviewed Noam Chomsky. She is known to be a critic of post-structuralist feminism.

She has lectured on many of the above topics at University of North London (which became part of London Metropolitan University in 2002) since 1987. Previous to this she worked in the field of journalism and had studied at the University of Oxford.

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