List of fictional fraternities and sororities

These are fictional fraternities and sororities from media such as film, novels and role playing games. If the fictional organization name is derived from another organization, it is included.



  • Beta Kappa Epsilon, fraternity

Adventures of Ford Fairlane, The

  • I Eta Pi ("I ate a pie"), sorority

Alpha Girls

  • Alpha Beta, sorority

American Pie Presents: Beta House

  • Beta Delta Xi (Beta), fraternity
  • Epsilon Sigma Kappa (Geek), fraternity
  • Kappa Phi Nu, fraternity
  • Lambda Pi Gamma (Little person), fraternity

Big Fish

  • Sigma Omega Delta, sorority

Black Christmas (2006)

  • Delta Alpha Kappa

Can't Hardly Wait

  • Delta Iota Kappa

Dead Man on Campus

  • Kappa Omega Penis


  • Pi Beta Omega, sorority


  • Delta Epsilon Beta Sigma, sorority


  • Zeta Theta Theta (ΖΘΘ), fraternity

Dirty Work

  • Phi Kappa Delta


  • Sigma Phi Alpha, Sorority

Dude, Where's the Party?

  • Rho Beta Rho

The Dukes of Hazzard

  • Kappa Mu Alpha sorority

An Extremely Goofy Movie

  • Gamma Mu Mu fraternity


  • Beta Phi Tau fraternity
  • Kappa Nu Psi sorority

Fraternity House

Iota Gamma Chi

Fraternity Massacre at Hell Island

  • Zeta Alpha Rho, fraternity

Fraternity Row

  • Gamma Nu Pi, fraternity

Fraternity Vacation

  • Theta Pi Gamma, fraternity
  • Rho Tau Sigma, fraternity

Friends 'Til the End

  • Kappa Pi
  • Lambda Delta
  • Fox Theta Delta
  • Rho Alpha Delta Iota (padi-men)

Going Greek

  • Kappa Alpha Tau

Hell Night

  • Alpha Sigma Rho

Higher Learning

  • Zeta Epsilon Alpha*
  • Theta Kappa*
  • Beta Tau Beta*


  • H.O.T.S., sorority, never described as Eta Omicron Tau Sigma, in fact an English acronym standing for the names of four members.
  • P.I.E., sorority, not given a Greek name, but presumably Rho Iota Epsilon. (P.I.E)

The House Bunny

  • Zeta Alpha Zeta, the sorority that Shelly fixes up
  • Phi Iota Mu, sorority that torments the ladies of Zeta Alpha Zeta
  • Kappa Eta Sigma, the fraternity singing in the karaoke

Joe Dirt

  • Nu Mu Pi, sorority

The Initiation of Sarah (1978)

  • Alpha Nu Sigma, sorority
  • Pi Epsilon Delta, sorority

The Initiation of Sarah (2006)

  • Pi Epsilon Delta, sorority
  • Alpha Nu Gamma, sorority

Legally Blonde

  • Lambda Kappa Pi, fraternity
  • Delta Nu-Elle's sorority
  • Sigma Epsilon, sorority of which Elle was Sweetheart.

Monsters University

Various fraternities and sororities with some 'Greek' characters unique to Monstropolis and the Monster world.[1]


  • Jaws Theta Chi (JOX)
  • Roar Omega Roar (ROR)
  • Omega Howl (OH)
  • Gamma Roar Roar (GRR)
  • Slugma Oozma Python (EOP)
  • Oozma Kappa (OK)


  • Slugma Slugma Kappa (EEK)
  • Slugma Kappa Theta (EKO)
  • Eta Hiss Hiss (HSS)
  • Chi Phi Argma (XOA)
  • Python Nu Kappa (PNK)
  • Argma Slugma Argma (AEA)

National Lampoon's Animal House

  • Delta Tau Chi, fraternity (the "Animal House"; based on Alpha Delta Phi at Dartmouth College[2])
  • Omega Theta Pi, fraternity (based on Sigma Alpha Epsilon at Dartmouth College[3])
  • Gamma Kappa Epsilon (GEKES) (parade float - Playboy) (based on Yale's Delta Kappa Epsilon, or DEKES)
  • Sigma Sigma (parade float - Mongols)
  • OmegaPi Pi Pi (parade float - Camelot)
  • Zeta Tau Beta (parade float - clasped white and black hands)

National Lampoon's Pledge This!

  • Gamma Gamma, sorority of South Beach University

National Lampoon's Van Wilder

  • Sigma Theta Upsilon
  • Lambda Omega Omega (The Nerdy Fraternity)
  • Delta Iota Kappa (DIK)


  • Delta Psi Beta, fraternity
  • Kappa Nu, sorority

Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising

  • Phi Lamda, sorority

Old School

  • Lambda Epsilon Omega


  • The Order of Balls and Shaft, fraternity
  • Psi Kappa Mu (Predecessor to The Pit)

Pride of the Yankees

  • Sigma Alpha Psi

Reefer Madness (2005 film)

  • Phi Beta Cannabis

Road Trip

  • Kappa Lambda
  • Kappa Alpham, sorority

The Roommate

  • Tau Sigma Kappa

Revenge of the Nerds

Fraternities and Sororities of Revenge of the Nerds[4]

  • Lambda Lambda Lambda paired with Omega Mu
  • Rho Rho Rho paired with Iota Sigma Psi
  • Alpha Beta paired with Pi Delta Pi
  • Nu Tau Nu paired with Omega Psi
  • Alpha Nu paired with Chi Sigma Rho
  • Beta Delta Gamma paired with Eta Beta

School Daze

  • Gamma Phi Gamma-(Local fraternity founded in 1907 on the campus of Wilmington College, Wilmington, OH better known as the "Gobblers")

It could be mimicking an African-American social fellowship fraternity known as Groove Phi Groove (G Φ G) founded at Morgan State College in 1962. It has several chapters located on small college campuses throughout the South and on a handful of Historical Black Colleges and Universities campuses.

Scream 2

  • Phi Lambda Alpha
  • Delta Lambda Zeta
  • Omega Kappa Beta
  • Omega Beta Zeta

Sorority Boys

  • Kappa Omicron Kappa fraternity
  • Pi Pi Pi sorority
  • Delta Omicron Gamma sorority

Sorority Murder

  • Beta Sigma Beta (ΒΣH), sorority

Sorority Row

  • Theta Pi, sorority
  • Chi Delta Gamma, sorority
  • Kappa Omicron Psi, fraternity
  • Rho Sigma Nu, fraternity

Sorority Wars

  • Delta Beta Theta, sorority
  • Kappa Theta Xi, sorority
  • Beta Upsilon Eta, fraternity
  • Gamma Rho Alpha, sorority
  • Zeta Eta Pi, sorority
  • Lambda Mu Pi, sorority

State Fair

  • Gamma Hubba Hubba, Wayne's characterization of a sorority that Eleanor was supposedly a member of

Stomp The Yard

  • Mu Gamma Xi, fraternity
  • Theta Nu Theta, fraternity

Sydney White

  • Kappa Phi Nu sorority
  • Beta Omega Rho fraternity
  • Vortex

Vacation (2015 film)

  • Pi Pi Pi (Tri-Pi), sorority



The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

  • Pi Rho Omega, fraternity (episode Jimmy goes to College)

American Horror Story: Coven

  • Kappa Lambda Gamma, fraternity (episode Coven: Bitchcraft)

Aqua Teen Hunger Force

  • (apparently 3 symbols unrelated to any earth languages), alien fraternity (Episode Frat Aliens)

Beverly Hills, 90210

  • Alpha Omega sorority - sorority that Donna and Kelly join
  • Kappa Epsilon Gamma Fraternity (KEG) - fraternity that Steve and John Sears join

Blue Mountain State

  • Sigma Delta (The Goathouse)


  • Beta Delta Sigma, fraternity at fictional Middlesex College near Washington DC (season 4 episode 24 - The Beaver in the Otter)

Boy Meets World

  • Magnum Pi

Buffy the Vampire Slayer


  • Gamma Delta Phi, fraternity (Stanford University, episode 'Chuck Versus the Alma Mater')

Code Monkeys

  • Alpha Sigma Sigma, from the episode 'Dean In Charge'

The Colbert Report

  • Tau Gamma Rho

Cold Case

  • Gamma Rho, fraternity


  • Omega Theta Rho, fraternity
  • Kappa Eta Sigma, sorority
  • Zeta Phi Tau, fraternity
  • Delta Cubes, fraternity

Cougar Town

  • Omega Beta Theta, fraternity (episode "Something Big", Season 3 Episode 6)

Dawson's Creek

  • Sigma Epsilon, fraternity[5]

Days of Our Lives

  • Alpha Chi Theta, at the University of Salem. President; Morgan Hollingsworth. The Sorority house was the site of Ford Decker’s death.

A Different World

  • Kappa Lambda Nu, fraternity
  • Alpha Delta Rho, sorority

Dorm Life

  • Kappa Gopher Shane, fraternity started by characters Gopher and Shane in response to not rushing.


  • Kappa Tau, sorority at unnamed university in Los Angeles Season 2 episode 9 "The Big Amateur"

Drawn Together

  • Phi Alpha Gimmel, fictional fraternity started by Captain Hero; composed of the Greek symbols Phi and Alpha and the Hebrew symbol Gimel; presumably pronounced 'phag' (Episode Freaks & Greeks). The fake fraternity's symbol (or crest) is that of Tau Kappa Epsilon's Shield of Norman Form or the TKE Coat of Arms. This can be seen when Captain Hero shows the pictures of the past members of the Fraternity.
  • Shin Lamedh Mem, the fictional Yiddish fraternity down the street from Phi Alpha Gimmel.

Family Guy

  • Sigma Chi Psi, fraternity, shown in the episode "You Can't Do That on Television, Peter", for a cutaway gag.

Family Matters

  • Beta Chi, a fraternity that Eddie is interested in and is wanted in, but turns down the offer to join to stay friends with Urkel. (Episode "Beta Chi Guy")

The Following

  • Delta Rho Gamma, sorority, shown in the pilot episode as character Jordy Raines talks his way into the house, and in the second episode as the scene of Raines' murders.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

  • Phi Beta Gamma, (African American) fraternity (Episode Blood is Thicker Than Mud) {Not related to Phi Beta Gamma Located near the University of New Hampshire}
  • Lambda Kappa Nu, snooty fraternity that Carlton is interested in. "We're Lambda Kappa Nu, our blood is very blue, our money's old, our cards are gold, and who the heck are you?" (Episode Blood is Thicker Than Mud)
  • Delta Kappa Tau, nerd fraternity at the rush week (Episode Blood is Thicker Than Mud)
  • Kappa Omega Psi, sorority at SCU, a rival school of ULA, where Carlton was held captive as ULA's mascot. (Episode I Know Why the Caged Bird Screams)
  • Kappa Phi Gamma, sorority that girlfriend Lisa pledged. (Episode Will's Misery)
  • Pi Nu, A fraternity mentioned by Uncle Phil, as he was remembering his days at Princeton University which prompted Will to respond with "So that makes you what, a, Pi man ?" Insinuating that his uncle likes pie. (Episode To Thine Own Self Be Blue... and Gold)


Full House

  • Chi Sigma Sigma, Danny and Joey's college fraternity
  • Lambda Tau Delta, Chi Sigma Sigma's rival sorority


  • Epsilon Rho Rho ("Err"), Robot fraternity (also known as "Robot House")
  • Snooty House (written as SNΘΘΤΥ), rich, snooty fraternity
  • Kappa Kappa Wong, named after the wealthy patron family

Glory Daze

  • Omega Sigma, Fraternity
  • Kappa Theta, Sorority


  • Zeta Beta Zeta, Sorority
  • Kappa Tau Gamma, Fraternity
  • Pi Pi Pi, Sorority
  • Psi Phi Pi, Fraternity
  • Lambda Sigma Omega, Fraternity
  • Pi Sigma Theta
  • Theta Pi Gamma
  • Mu Gamma Sigma
  • Iota Kappa Iota, Sorority
  • Omega Chi Delta, Fraternity
  • Gamma Psi Alpha, Sorority

Hawaii Five-0

  • Beta Phi Tau, fraternity at fictional Oahu State University in Season 3 episode 12 "Kapu"
  • Lambda Lambda Phi, sorority at fictional Oahu State University in Season 3 episode 12 "Kapu"

How I Met Your Mother

  • Kappa Kappa Nu (episode "The Playbook")
  • Kappa Epsilon Gamma (KEG), sorority, Season 3, ep 3 "The Third Wheel"
  • Sigma G Theta (episode "Showdown")

How to Get Away with Murder

  • Kappa Kappa Theta (sorority). Season 1

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

  • Delta Omega Lambda Fraternity (Episode "The Gang Reignites The Rivalry") Dennis was a member

King of the Hill

  • Omega House, cult disguised as a sorority (episode "Fun with Jane and Jane")
  • Zeta Sigma Tau, sorority (episode "Fun with Jane and Jane")

Law & Order

  • Alpha Phi Beta Fraternity at Hudson University (Episode Denial - season 8 episode 2 1997)
  • Kappa Delta Alpha Sorority (Episode Pledge)

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

  • Beta Lambda Fraternity (Episode "Consent")
  • Kappa Delta Alpha Fraternity (Episode '"Fight")
  • Nu Iota Pi Sorority (Episode "Girl Dishonored")
  • Phi Delta Fraternity (Episode "Spectacle")
  • Omega Beta Zeta (Episode "Svengali")
  • Tau Omega Fraternity (Episodes "Brotherhood", "Girl Dishonored")

The Librarians

  • Omega Theta, esoteric fraternity at mystical Wexler College in Season 2 episode 4 "And the Cost of Educations" broadcast Nov 15, 2015

Lost Girl

  • Kappa Theta Xi Sorority (Episode Oh Kappa, My Kappa)

The Lying Game

  • Phi Sigma Zeta, fraternity (Episode: "No Country for Young Love")


M*A*S*H (TV series)

Mr. Ed

  • Alpha Epsilon Mu sorority at fictional Brighton University. The sisters kidnapped Mr. Ed and kept him in their basement to be their mascot Season 1 episode 6 (Feb 9, 1961) "Sorority House"

My Name Is Earl

  • Phi Alpha -Fraternity brother hands out flyer for an "All Day Party" (Episode The Professor)

The Mysteries of Laura

  • Siosa U
    • Omega Delta Kappa (ΩΔΚ) (Episode: "The Mystery of the Intoxicated Intern")


  • Alpha Chi Delta, Tony DiNozzo's fraternity at Ohio State.

Pretty Little Liars

  • Nu Sigma Theta
  • Pi Sigma Theta - Cover for Me Episode


  • Beta Kappa Theta sorority (Episode Scary Sherry 2: Bianca's Toast[6])

Quantum Leap

  • Chi Kappa Delta, fraternity (Season 5 Episode 16 - 1993 Return of the Evil Leaper)
  • Tau Kappa Beta, fraternity (Episode Animal Frat)

Relic Hunter

  • Nu Theta Phi sorority (Sydney Fox used to belong to this sorority).

Rizzoli & Isles

  • Psi Beta Tau, a sorority at fictional Boston Cambridge University (BCU) (Season 4 Episode 2 "In Over Your Head" 2 Jul 2013).

Robot Chicken

  • Kappa Omega Kappa which is used as a genital euphemism.


  • Gamma Gamma Psi, a fraternity at the fictional UNU, where Rosewood is a member of their Alpha chapter, where he was also formerly president.
  • Epsilon Theta Xi, a fraternity that is the rival of Gamma Gamma Psi.

Sabrina, the Teenage Witch

  • Mu Pi, sorority (Episode House of Pi[7])

Saturday Night Live

  • Sigma Lambda Omega, fraternity that cannot read (SLO) (Sketch "Fraternity"[8])

Saved by the Bell

  • Alpha Mu
  • Beta Delta
  • Kappa Theta
  • Pi Psi
  • Sigma Alpha Fraternity

Rho Sigma (Rigma )


  • Omega Beta Gamma - The sorority Eliott was in during her undergraduate studies. Possibly a play on the OB-GYN doctors trying a recruit Elliot, which J.D. refers to as a sorority.
  • Theta Omega - The fraternity Turk was in during his undergraduate studies. In the episode My Chopped Liver, J.D. and Turk visit the Theta Omega fraternity house with their faces painted as the other friend's skin colour. Upon ringing the doorbell, Turk notices another friend and leaves, leaving J.D. and his blackface alone and beaten up as a result of the unintentionally racist stunt.

Scream Queens

  • Kappa Kappa Tau (Originally Kappa Nu Tau)
  • Psi Theta Gamma (episode "Haunted House")
  • Omicron Omicron Omicron (1988 African American Sorority) (episode "Haunted House")
  • The Dickie Dollar Scholars (Doesn't adhere to the Greek System)


  • Pi Beta Omega, sorority
  • Gamma Delta Rho, sorority (S6:E7 Pimp's Paradise)
  • Sigma Omega Delta, fraternity (S7:3, Home Sweet Homeless Shelter)

The Simpsons


  • Tri-Psi Sorority, an all-girl vampire sorority (Episode "Thirst")
  • Alpha Alpha Alpha, all-girl sorority at Metropolis University that helps the football team recruit (Episode "Recruit")

The Sopranos

  • Epsilon Zeta Psi fraternity (Episode He Is Risen)
  • Delta Kappa Xi (ΔΚΞ) fraternity (Season Six, Part II, Episode 5 Walk Like a Man)

Sorority Lane

  • Beta Pi Delta Sorority, a hot sorority on the CULA campus
  • Gamma Chi Alpha Sorority, Beta Pi's rival sorority
  • Theta Phi Omega Fraternity, Party fraternity in CULA

South Park

  • PC Fraternity (Rho Omega Delta, or PC Delta), which appears to use the Greek letter Rho, a sideways Omega and Delta trigrammaton. A group of hyper politically correct college students and graduates in the episode "Stunning and Brave".

Sports Night

  • Sigma Kappa Phi, an all-male fraternity to whose poker games Natalie was always invited during her college days (Episode Shoe Money Tonight)

Sweet Valley High and Sweet Valley University

  • Pi Beta Alpha, an all girl sorority at Sweet Valley High. Jessica Wakefield is president. Based on Pi Beta Phi, colors, national reputation, and "inside" secrets.
  • Theta Alpha Theta, Sweet Valley University's sorority. Jessica is a member.

Switched at Birth

  • Omega Psi, fraternity

Tales From The Crypt

  • Delta Omega Alpha (or DOA), an all girl sorority. At the end of the episode, it is revealed that they are an "all-ghoul" sorority who eat cruel fraternity leaders. (Episode House of Horror) Also probably a play on the Dead On Arrival acronym used by police.

Tyler Perry's House of Payne

  • Omega Alpha Kappa, fraternity, steppers at Calvin/Pookie/Peanut's house party


  • Theta Delta Zeta (ΘΔΖ), fraternity


  • Alpha Sigma, fraternity
  • Upsilon Sigma Phi Fraternity, gay fraternity

Veronica Mars

Warehouse 13

  • Psi Phi Zeta (PPZ), fraternity (episode "Savage Seduction"). Reference is also made to a rival "ATF."

Wizards of Waverly Place

  • Zeta Theta Beta (Episode Movies, Season 1)


  • Kappa Zeta Nu (Episode "Brociopath", Season 4) Fraternity colonized and was established in 2012. Chapter house is located in St. Mary's, Maryland.

Yes, Dear

  • Phi Sigma Gamma, the sorority Christine joined after going back to school. (Episode Sorority Girl)


Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • Gamma Alpha Gamma (GAG), a hack[9]
  • Lambda Sigma Delta (LSD)[10]
  • Pi Tau Zeta[11]

University of Missouri

  • Phi Alpha Kappa

Oklahoma State University

  • Omega Rho Zeta (ωΡΖ)

Syracuse University, Brandeis University

  • Beta Gamma Theta (BRO)

California State University

  • Zeta Epsilon Alpha Lambda Fraternity/Sorority

University of Maryland

  • Omicron Omicron Omicron (OOO)

University of California, Berkeley

  • Lambda Nu Kappa

University of Hartford

  • Eta Omega Epsilon

University of Central Florida

  • AEDry

Old Dominion University

  • Delta Iota Kappa Fraternity

Baylor University

  • Zeta Zigga Zamma (ZZZ)

Role-playing games

GURPS Illuminati University

Over the Edge (role-playing game)

  • ΑΡΤ - Alpha Rho Tau, "ART." The intellectual and artistic sorority.
  • ΔΕΘ - Delta Epsilon Theta, "DETh." The intellectual and artistic fraternity.
  • ΣΟΒ - Sigma Omicron Beta, or "SOB." The jock fraternity.
  • ΣΕΧ - Sigma Epsilon Chi, or "SEX." The Diva Sorority.

MLB Power Pros Success Mode Pi Pi Pi

Alternative fictional groups

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