Schøyen Collection

The Schøyen Collection is the largest private manuscript collection in the world, mostly located in Oslo and London. Formed in the 20th century by Martin Schøyen, it comprises manuscripts of global provenance, spanning 5,000 years of history. It contains more than 13,000 manuscript items; the oldest is about 5,300 years old. There are manuscripts from 134 different countries and territories, representing 120 distinct languages.[1]

The variety of manuscripts—geographic, linguistic, textual and material—even more than its size makes the Schøyen Collection unique. The collection has a website with many items illustrated and described. The provenance of the various cuneiform materials held by the Schøyen Collection remains subject to controversy.[2]

Notable manuscripts

Among the most notable manuscripts of the collection are the following:


  1. The Schøyen Collection
  3. Ms 035 at the Schøyen Collection
  4. Ms 193 at the Schøyen Collection
  5. Ms 2064 at the Schøyen Collection
  6. Ms 2650 at the Schøyen Collection
  7. The Middle Babylonian Almanac at the Schøyen Collection
  8. Dead Sea Scrolls at the Schøyen Collection

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