Mexican Open (golf)

Mexican Open
Tournament information
Location  Mexico
Established 1944
Course(s) Club Campestre Aguascalientes
Tour(s) PGA Tour Latinoamérica
Format Stroke play
Prize fund $175,000
Month played May
Tournament record score
Aggregate 264 Billy Maxwell (1956)
Current champion
Mexico Sebastián Vázquez

The Mexican Open or Abierto Mexicano de Golf is the national open golf tournament of Mexico. It was first played in 1944 at the Club de Golf Chapultepec. It was an event on the Tour de las Américas between 2003 and 2006, being co-sanctioned by the European Challenge Tour from 2004 to 2007. It became a Nationwide Tour event in 2008,[1] and was rescheduled from December to January, which resulted in no tournament in 2007. In 2009, due to the outbreak of swine flu, the Mexican Open was rescheduled from May to September.[2][3] In 2013, the tournament was moved to March and became an official event for PGA Tour Latinoamérica. The tournament would also be moved to Club de Golf Mexico.


2016 Club Campestre Aguascalientes Mexico Sebastián Vázquez 268 (−16) Argentina Augusto Núñez
2015 Club Campestre Aguascalientes United States Justin Hueber 265 (−23) United States Brad Gehl
Argentina Maximiliano Godoy
2014 Club de Golf Chapultepec Colombia Óscar David Álvarez 271 (−17) Argentina Nelson Ledesma
2013 Club de Golf Mexico United States Ted Purdy 281 (−7) Colombia David Vanegas
2012 El Bosque Golf Club León United States Lee Williams 274 (−14) United States Paul Haley II
2011 El Bosque Golf Club León United States Erik Compton 271 (−17) United States Richard H. Lee
2010 El Bosque Golf Club León United States Jamie Lovemark 276 (−12) United States B. J. Staten
2009 El Bosque Golf Club León United States Troy Merritt 273 (−15) Australia Adam Bland
2008 Tres Marias Australia Jarrod Lyle 267 (−17)United States Matt Every
2007: No tournament due to rescheduling from December to January
2006 La Hacienda Paraguay Fabrizio Zanotti 275 (−9)Mexico Daniel De Leon
2005 La Hacienda Mexico Antonio Maldonado 275 (−9)France Mickael Dieu
Argentina Rafael Gómez
2004 La Hacienda Argentina Rafael Gómez 270 (−14)Colombia Eduardo Herrera
2003 Moon Palace Resort Colombia Eduardo Herrera 278 (−10)Argentina Eduardo Argiro
United States Jeff Burns
2002 La Hacienda Mexico Pablo Fernandez 273United States David Howser
2001: No tournament
2000 México Mexico Esteban Toledo 271United States Robin Freeman
1999 México United States Stewart Cink 271Mexico Oscar Serna
1998 México Argentina Eduardo Romero 269United States Scott Simpson
1997 México New Zealand Frank Nobilo 273
1996 México United States Stewart Cink 272United States Bob Tway
1995 México United States John Cook 273United States Scott Verplank
1994 México United States Chris Perry 274United States Bob Tway
1993 La Hacienda United States Fred Funk 268United States Donnie Hammond
1992 La Hacienda United States Tom Sieckmann 268Australia Steve Elkington
1991 Chapultepec United States Jay Haas 277United States Ed Fiori
1990 La Hacienda United States Bob Lohr 269Mexico Carlos Espinoza
1985–89: No tournament
1984 Tijuana Canada Danny Mijovic 274United States Tommy Armour III
United States Rick Cramer
1983 Tijuana United States Tommy Armour III 280
1982: No tournament
1981 Chapultepec United States Ben Crenshaw 273United States Raymond Floyd
1980 Bellavista Australia David Graham 279United States Jerry Pate
1978–79: No tournament
1977 Chiluca United States Billy Casper 286Spain Seve Ballesteros
1976 La Hacienda Mexico Ernesto Perez Acosta 273Mexico Victor Regalado
1975 La Hacienda United States Lee Trevino 275Mexico Ernesto Perez Acosta
United States Larry Ziegler
1974 Chapultepec United States Ed Byman 280United States Lee Trevino
1973 Bellavista United States Lee Trevino 281Mexico Victor Regalado
1972: No tournament
1971 México Spain Ángel Gallardo 275United States Billy Maxwell
1970 Bellavista Mexico Ernesto Perez Acosta 280
1967–69: No tournament
1966 Monterrey United States Bob McCallister 278United States Dudley Wysong
1965 Bellavista United States Homero Blancas 284United States Lee Trevino
1964 México United States Art Wall 276Argentina Roberto De Vicenzo
1963 La Hacienda Canada Al Balding 279United States Billy Maxwell
United States Dick Crawford
1962 La Hacienda United States Tony Lema 281United States Jackson Bradley
1961 México United States Tony Lema 280Argentina Antonio Cerdá
1960 Chapultepec United States Howie Johnson 273United States Billy Maxwell
1959 Chapultepec Spain Ángel Miguel 273United States Tommy Jacobs
1958 Chapultepec Argentina Antonio Cerdá 279Argentina Roberto De Vicenzo
1957 Chapultepec United States Bob Rosburg 272United States George Bayer
1956 Chapultepec United States Billy Maxwell 264Argentina Roberto De Vicenzo
1955 Chapultepec Argentina Roberto De Vicenzo 271United States Tony Holguin
1954 México United States Johnny Palmer 286Argentina Roberto De Vicenzo
1953 Chapultepec Argentina Roberto De Vicenzo 267United States Cary Middlecoff
1952 Campestre de Mexicali South Africa Bobby Locke 275United States Jimmy Demaret
Argentina Roberto De Vicenzo
1951 Chapultepec Argentina Roberto De Vicenzo 267United States Al Besselink
1950 Chapultepec United States Tony Holguin 280Mexico Juan Neri
Mexico Antonio Pedroza
1949 Chapultepec United States Tony Holguin 200United States Jimmy Demaret
United States Sam Snead
1948: No tournament
1947 Chapultepec United States Al Espinosa 292Mexico Carlos Belmont (am)
Mexico Amado Martinez
1946 Chapultepec United States Al Espinosa 286Mexico Felix Lopez
1945 Chapultepec United States Al Espinosa 290Mexico Antonio Pedroza
1944 Chapultepec United States Al Espinosa 281United States Percey Clifford (am)


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