Midwestern Governors Association

The Midwestern Governors Association (MGA) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that brings together the governors of Midwestern states to work cooperatively on public policy issues of significance to the region. The MGA was created in December 1962, when articles of organization were adopted at the first annual meeting in Chicago. The members of the association are the governors of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, and Wisconsin.

The purpose of the MGA is "to foster regional development, to attain greater efficiency in state administration, to facilitate interstate cooperation and improve intergovernmental relationships, and to provide a medium for the exchange of views and experiences on subjects of general importance to the people of the Midwestern states." In pursuit of these objectives, the MGA has, through the years, established a wide array of committees, task forces and study groups charged with investigating and reporting on various issues of regional concern.

The MGA staff supports projects undertaken by the governors and by the MGA working groups to promote regional cooperation and problem-solving. These multi-state groups of government officials work to enhance economic development in the Midwestern states and identify opportunities at the federal level to advance the MGA's goals. Issues they have recently addressed include agriculture, workforce development, international trade and tourism promotion.

The MGA also has Gold and Silver business partners, corresponding to the different contribution and benefit levels.

List of current Midwestern Governors

The current MGA Chair is Scott Walker of Wisconsin. The Vice Chair is Sam Brownback of Kansas. The Immediate Past Chair is Mark Dayton of Minnesota.

Current Governor State Past Party Took office Seat Up
Bruce Rauner Illinois List Republican 2014 2018
Mike Pence Indiana List Republican 2013 2016 (declined re-election bid)
Terry Branstad Iowa List Republican 2011 2018
Sam Brownback Kansas List Republican 2011 2018 (term-limited)
Mark Dayton Minnesota List Democratic 2011 2018
Rick Snyder Michigan List Republican 2011 2018 (term-limited)
Jay Nixon Missouri List Democratic 2009 2016 (term-limited)
John Kasich Ohio List Republican 2011 2018 (term-limited)
Scott Walker Wisconsin List Republican 2011 2018

MGA's Past Leadership

2011 Chair- Illinois Governor Pat Quinn

2010 Chair- Ohio Governor Ted Strickland

2009 Chair- Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm

2008 Chair- South Dakota Governor Michael Rounds

2007 Chair- Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle

2006 Chair- Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty

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