Nam Sang Wai

Kam Tin River in the southern part of Nam Sang Wai. The small boat is used to ferry visitors across the river.
Path in the western part of Nam Sang Wai.
Lawn in Nam Sang Wai.
View of Shan Pui River, looking south from Nam Sang Wai Road, on the western edge of Nam Sang Wai. The area on the right, across the Shan Pui River from Nam Sang Wai, is part of Yuen Long Industrial Estate.

Nam Sang Wai (Chinese: 南生圍) is a wetland area to the north of Yuen Long, in Hong Kong.


Nam Sang Wai covers a roughly triangular area. It is bordered by the Shan Pui River in the west, separating it from Yuen Long Industrial Estate, the Kam Tin River in the east and a branch of the Kam Tin River in the south.

Flora and fauna

It is home to many birds, including seagulls, northern pintails (Anas acuta), yellow-nib ducks (Anas poecilorhyncha) and black-faced spoonbills (Platalea minor).[1] Flora includes reeds and mangroves.[2]


In what is considered to be a landmark case in the history of Hong Kong’s planning law regime, the Privy Council upheld the decision of the Town Planning Appeal Board approving development of a large scale residential, golf course, and nature reserve at Nam Sang Wai with conditions.[3] The validity of planning permission was extended three times. In late 2010 a further extension was denied by the Town Planning Board.[4]


KHI Holdings Group, which retains 50 percent of the Nam Sang Wai Development Company Limited (NSWD), resumed the role of project manager in 2011 for development at Nam Sang Wai and Lut Chau. The group has initiated the planning process under the Environmental Impact Assessment Ordinance by submitting a project profile to the Environmental Protection Department and applying for a study brief.[5]

The NSWD recently launched a website detailing their plans for development.[6]


A small boat in the southern part of Nam Sang Wai serves as a ferry across the Kam Tin River towards the village of Shan Pui Tsuen, north of Yuen Long Kau Hui.[7]

A road, the Nam Sang Wai Road, runs along the eastern edge and most of the western edge of Nam Sang Wai.

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