This article is about the river that runs through Trondheim. For the river in Aust-Agder, see Nidelva (Aust-Agder).

Nidelva in Trondheim, view upstream
Country Norway
Main source Selbusjøen
River mouth Trondheimsfjorden
Physical characteristics
Length 30 km (19 mi)

Nidelva (or Nidelven) is a river in the county Sør-Trøndelag, Norway. Elva or Elven is Norwegian for 'the river', so the name translates to "The River Nid".[1]


Nidelva starts at the Hyttfossen waterfall which rises from Bjørsjøen, a small lake located just below Selbusjøen, the largest lake in Sør-Trøndelag County. Nidelva runs via Tiller and at the end through the city of Trondheim before reaching the Trondheimsfjord by the island of Brattøra near Trondheim Central Station. Nidelva is at its deepest at Trongfossen, a deep ravine in the village of Klæbu. There are six hydro-electric power stations along the river. The tributary river that empties into Selbusjøen is called Nea. Nidelva forms the last part of the Nea-Nidelv watershed.

Nidelven has its very own song, Nidelven Stille og Vakker du er ("Nidelven [how] Still and Beautiful you are"). The popular waltz was written by Norwegian composer Oskar Hoddø (1916–1943). According to tradition, Hoddø wrote the waltz about the Nidelva River one night in late April 1940 while he was standing at Gamle Bybro in Trondheim.[2]

Nidelva in Trondheim. November 8, 2003


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Nidelva with Nidaros Cathedral and Old Town Bridge

Coordinates: 63°26′27″N 10°24′44″E / 63.44083°N 10.41222°E / 63.44083; 10.41222

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