Nordic Golf League

The Nordic Golf League is one of the four PGA European Tour-recognised third-tier men's professional golf tours that are collectively known as the Satellite Tour. The top five players on the rankings list at the end of each season earn a place on the second tier Challenge Tour for the following year.[1]

The Nordic Golf League is based in Scandinavia, and consists primarily of tournaments on the national tours of Denmark (Ecco Tour), Finland (Finnish Golf Tour), Norway and Sweden (Nordea Tour).

Beginning in July 2015, the four third-level tours will carry Official World Golf Ranking points.[2]

Order of Merit winners

2016 Mark Haastrup  Denmark 54,457
2015 Tapio Pulkkanen  Finland 62,652
2014 Jacob Glennemo  Sweden 64,998
2013 Jesper Kennegård  Sweden 46,591
2012 Lucas Bjerregaard  Denmark 52,260
2011 Jens Dantorp  Sweden 61,167
2010 Wilhelm Schauman  Sweden 30,869
2009 Lasse Jensen  Denmark 32,396
2008 Petter Bocian  Sweden 24,510
2007 Rikard Karlberg  Sweden 25,005
2006 Pontus Ericsson  Sweden 2,207
2005 Morten Hagen  Norway 2,509
2004 Peter Malmgren  Sweden 1,974
2003 Øyvind Rojahn  Norway 1,820
2002 Joakim Kristiansson  Sweden 1,990
2001 Mads Vibe-Hastrup  Denmark 2,159
2000 Morten Orveland  Norway 2,147
1999 Patrik Gottfridson  Sweden 28,516


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