TPG Tour

The TPG Tour (Tour de Profesionales de Golf) is the principal professional golf tour in Argentina. The tour was formed in 2007, following disputes within the PGA of Argentina, who had operated the main professional tour in the country in previous years.[1]

In its first year, it operated exclusively in Argentina, but this changed in 2008 with the inclusion of the Carlos Franco Invitational, held in Paraguay. There were seventeen events in 2007 and sixteen in 2008, including the flagship Argentine Open and Argentine Masters, and the major regional opens, the South Open, Center Open, North Open and Coast Open.

The TPG Tour developed a close relationship with the higher level Tour de las Américas,[2] with several events being co-sanctioned by that tour, which results in increased prize money and stronger fields. Through the Tour de las Americas, some events have also been co-sanctioned by the Challenge Tour and Canadian Tour.

Order of Merit winners

2012 Argentina Clodomiro Carranza 136,427 7
2011 Argentina Maximiliano Godoy 111,343 13
2010 Argentina Andrés Romero 146,340 7
2009 Argentina César Costilla 101,588 10
2008 Argentina Estanislao Goya 159,874 5
2007 Argentina Rafael Gómez 133,780 10


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