Eastern Orthodoxy in Pakistan

Eastern Orthodoxy in Pakistan - Christian denomination in the territory of Pakistan.

At 2011 the number of Eastern Orthodox Christians in Pakistan was estimated at 500 people, representing approximately 0.0002% of the population.[1]

Eastern Orthodox Churches in the country are represented by:

  1. Patriarchate of Constantinople
  2. Patriarchate of Moscow

There are three Eastern Orthodox parishes:

  1. in Lahore, administratively included in your Singapore Archdiocese
  2. in Islamabad, parish of the Russian Orthodox Church (MP)
  3. in Sargodha (Pakistan Mission Australia and New Zealand Diocese of ROCOR)

Patriarchate of Constantinople

In 2005 an Eastern Orthodox mission, headed by Pakistani priest John Tanveer, opened in Pakistan. Since 1986 he served as a Catholic priest in the city of Lahore, and in 1990 met with Greek Orthodox general.[2] Following the meeting, John Tanveer in 1993 visited Australia, where closer acquainted with Eastern Orthodoxy. In 1996 he resigned as Catholic priest in 1997, married a graduate of Oxford - Rose. In 1998 John Tanveer comes to contact with the representatives of the Patriarchate of Constantinople and wrote a petition to adopt it in Eastern Orthodoxy. In 2001 his application was approved, and in 2003 he had his first meeting with the Eastern Orthodox bishop. In 2005 John (John) and his family, as well as many other people take to Eastern Orthodoxy.[3]

During the period of missionary activity priest John Tanveer at his home in Lahore opened home church and catechetical school, translated into Urdu series of liturgical texts and books (including "Conversations with St. Seraphim of Sarov"), raised the issue of the official registration of the Eastern Orthodox Church in Pakistan gather funds to build a spiritual center. Besides Lahore action comes in Wazirabad and Hafizabade, as well as small community in Gujranwala, Nawabshah and Faisalabad.

April 21, 2013 the laying of the first Eastern Orthodox church was done in Wazirabad which was consecrated in On February 6, 2014.[4]

Moscow Patriarchate

In Islamabad opened parish of the Russian Orthodox Church(MP), which is in care of Archpriest Gennady Morozov. He visits the country on major church feasts. This parish is focused on Russians in Islamabad, mainly Russian embassy employees.[5] With the blessings of Metropolitan Hilarion St. Michael the Archangel Orthodox Mission in Pakistan was registered in Pakistan in 2013 under Societies Registration Act 1860. The First ROCOR missionary priest who came to Pakistan was Fr.Adrian Augustus. He preached the holy orthodoxy and Baptized and Chrismated 174 people. The Russian Orthodox Church in Pakistan has spiritual and canonical union with Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia. Fr.Joseph Farooq is the sole canonical priest of Russian Orthodox Church in Pakistan. St. Michael the Arch Angel Orthodox Mission celebrates regular Divine Liturgy.

St.Michael the Archangel Orthodox Mission of Pakistan (ROCOR). Parish: St.Sergius Orthodox Church Sargodha Pakistan [6][7][8]


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