Paul Rimstead

Paul Rimstead (1935–1987) was a featured page 5 columnist for the Toronto Sun during the 1970s and 1980s.

Life and career

Born in Sudbury, Ontario, the "Rimmer" was described by peers as "legendary",[1] "the Sun's resident character",[2] and "a master storyteller".[3] Rimstead began his journalism career at the age of 11, reporting on local farm births. A high school drop-out, Rimstead would become a seasoned sports reporter, columnist, and writer.

In addition to the Toronto Sun, Rimstead also wrote for The Globe and Mail, the Toronto Daily Star, the Toronto Telegram, the Canadian Magazine, the Sudbury Star, the Kingston Whig-Standard, the Elliot Lake Standard, and other publications.[3]

Bearing his name, the "Toronto Sun Paul Rimstead Memorial Journalism Award" is awarded annually to a second year Ryerson University journalism undergraduate demonstrating overall academic excellence and financial need.

In 1972, Rimstead ran for Mayor of Toronto in the 1972 Toronto municipal election as a publicity stunt. He placed fourth.

Rimstead hosted a short-lived late night television show on the Global Television Network in 1975 called Rimstead!. In the early 1980s he hosted a late night radio show on CJCL during the station's incarnation as a talk radio station.

In 1986, Rimstead married his long-time love, Miss C. Hinky.



Published post-humously. Introduction by J. Douglas Creighton, founder of The Toronto Sun.


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