Coordinates: 0°22′30″S 102°32′49″E / 0.37500°S 102.54694°E / -0.37500; 102.54694Coordinates: 0°22′30″S 102°32′49″E / 0.37500°S 102.54694°E / -0.37500; 102.54694
Country Indonesia
Province Riau
Time zone WIB (UTC+7)
Airport Japura Airport

Rengat (Jawi: رڠات ) is a town in Riau province of Indonesia and it is the capital (seat) of Indragiri Hulu Regency.

The WWF keeps a conservation forest (it is named "Bukit Tiga Puluh") near the town, but the conservation area is no longer well-protected. Many companies take the nature resources from the forest without legal permit.

Rengat is a city in the province of Riau, Indonesia and Indragiri Hulu regency capital. The city is traversed by the Indragiri River. Native of this area is the Talang Mamak tribe. some other tribes as ethnic immigrants in Rengat are ethnic Malay, Minang, Batak, Tionghuoa, and Sunda.

The Rengat massacre

In 1949, during the Indonesian National Revolution, Dutch paratroopers massacred hundreds, perhaps thousands of people in Rengat.[1]


In Rengat also there is a monument built in memory of the heroism of a regent named Sincere? (who is also the biological father of the famous poet Anwar), in the Dutch Military Aggression II to Indonesia.[2]

Rengat typical fruit is kedondong. In the city center there is an hour and a sculptured monument amra fruit on it. Dodoo amra fruit is processed products are also preferred.


Star hotels in Rengat, among others:

Name Classification
Danau Raja Hotel Rengat ★★★


Some interesting place in Rengat, among others:[3]

Other meanings

Rengat is also the name of a male Sumatran tiger at the Toronto Zoo.


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