Rojhan (Urdu: روجهان), (Rojhan Mazari) is a city and capital of Rojhan Tehsil in Rajanpur District, Punjab Pakistan.[1][2]

Where the Mazari Chief Estate is located and it is situated in District Rajanpur of Punjab at the foot of the Sulaiman Range, near the inter-provincial borders of Balochistan, Sindh and Punjab. This city is the Capital Seat and headquarters of the Mazari Baloch tribe who have held this territory since 1632. Prior to this the Mazari Tribe were settled in the Bambore Hills of the present day Kohlu district in Balochistan.

The city of Rojhan Mazari is spread over a large area and is connected by road and railway to Kashmore in the South West and Rajanpur in the North West.

The Mazari Baloch tribal forces under the command of Sardar Karam Khan Baloch, the younger brother of the Mazari Chief Sardar Mir Bahram Khan attacked Mithankot, by then a strong Sikh garrison fortress.The garrison along with the city was completely burnt down by mazaris. All the prisoners taken by the Mazari tribesman were later skinned alive and burnt near the city. A few days later the Sikhs under the command of Kharak Singh retaliated and attacked the Mazari Stronghold of Rojhan but the Sikh army was defeated by the forces of Sardar Mir Bahram Khan Mazari under command of Sardar Karam khan who had a great reputation of a brave warrior and was highly respected not only within his tribe but also in the opponents for his bravery. It is worthy to mention that some clans of Mazari tribe of north including mistaghani, Gandi and Lolai supported sikh forces in these battles against Mir Behram's forces. In return, mistaghani got promise by sikhs that the mistaghani clan would be declared as chief of mazari tribe. But due to bravery of Sardar Karam khan's forces sikh army was driven back towards Mithankot. Afterwards Syed Ahmed Shaheed of Tehrik e Mujahideen approached Sardar Karam Khan at kin to fight jointly against Sikh army but Sardar Karam khan refused to co operate with Syed Ahmed Shaheed on advice of his elder brother Mir Behram Khan Mazari.

The present city was constructed during the reign of the famous Mazari chief, Nawab Sir Imam Buksh Khan Mazari K.C.I.E. during the early and middle part of the 19th century.

The word 'Rojhan' traces its roots back to the ancient Akkadian language of Babylon meaning the 'City of Tents'.

The city is a site to many ancient yet beautiful buildings and tombs of the Mazari Nawabs and Sardars dating back to the 17th century.


Coordinates: 28°16′N 68°16′E / 28.267°N 68.267°E / 28.267; 68.267

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