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SCAA Family is a group of mascots for the Hong Kong First Division League football team South China ("SCAA"). They were officially created and released to the public on 20 September 2007.[1] There are in total 10 members, of which 8 are named. Ballman and Greenman are the main characters.

Characters [2]




Whistle Sir

Yellow & Red Card Brothers

Mr. Scoreboard

Mr. Scoreboard is very sensitive to numbers and he is good at resources allocation.

Dr. First-Aid-Kid

Pong Pong Twins



There are 2 other unnamed characters on the poster of SCAA family.

Souvenir Products

Key Rings

Members of the SCAA Fans Club who have placed an advance order for the 07/08 South China jersey will also get an SCAA Family key ring.[1]


On 27 September 2007, SCAA Fans Club published a SuperFan Handbook for members. Some of the contents include 07-08 match schedule, 07-08 season calendar, List of SCAA Football section members, Footballers' Group photo and stickers of SCAA Family.[7]

Pong Pong Sticks

On 13 November 2007, people who wore red clothes for watching South China's league match against Wofoo Tai Po were given a special edition of SCAA Family Pong Pong Sticks.[8]

Gashapon (Telephone Rope)

On 14 November 2007, BMA Marketing & Advertising Ltd issued a series of telephone ropes for SCAA Family. There are 8 normal versions including Ballman, Greenman, Whistle Sir, Yellow & Red Card Brothers, Mr. Scoreboard, Dr. First-Aid-Kid, Pong Pong Twins and Loud-Speaker, and in addition a special edition of Ballman. Each gashapon is HK$10.[9]

Ballman Autograph

It was the first time on 25 November 2007 that Ballman signed for SCAA fans. The autogragh got Ballman's face, Chinese and English names and "SCAA" on it.[10]


On 14 December 2007, the first 100 SCAA Fans Club members who went to watch the match against Kitchee were each given an SCAA Family mini-calendar.[11] More calendars were available for SCAA Fans Club to collect on 11 January 2008 before the league match against Lanwa Redbull.[12]

Christmas e-Card

The image of the e-Card was first shown on the video of SCAA Family Blog on 21 December 2007.[13] Some of the fans were able to receive the e-Card through email on the Christmas Day.[14]

Baby Ballman T-shirt

Baby Ballman T-shirt was originally the uniform for working cules in "Ballman & Greenman Show-up Party" held in Times Square on 26 November 2007. It is red in colour, with a baby Ballman cartoon, the words "I was born" and the birthday of Ballman 1 November 2007 printed on it. The T-shirt was then put up for display in BMA studio (the selling station of SCAA product). Some SCAA fans urged to buy it despite the T-shirt was originally decided not for sale. Finally, the T-shirt is available for online ordering from 18 to 23 January 2008 and the price is HKD180.[15]

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