List of ships on stamps

Many nations have depicted ships on stamps, since ships have long been a means of transporting the mail over long distances. Ships are also symbols of economic or military prowess, and in some cases specific ships are associated with events of historical significance to the issuing nation.

The protocol for listing ships is similar to that for people on stamps. If a specific ship is listed, it is by name, and others are by type and/or era. While this list could conceivably include any sort of watercraft, the emphasis is on large seagoing vessels.

Abu Dhabi 1964-1972

Aden 1937-1965

French Territory of the Afars and Issas 1967-1977


La Aguera none 1920-1922

Aitutaki 1903-1976

Ajman none 1964-1971

Alaouites none 1925-1930

Albania 1913-1969

Alexandretta none 1938

Algeria 1924-1969

Allenstein none 1920

Andorra none 1928-1990

Angola 1870-1990

Angra none 1892-1905

Anguilla 1967-1975

Anjouan none 1892-1912

Annam and Tonkin none 1888

Antigua 1862-1969

Argentina 1858-1970

Armenia none 1919-1995

Aruba none 1986-1991

Ascension 1922-1971

Australia 1913-1969

Austria 1850-1959

Azerbaijan none 1919-1993

Azores none 1868-1924

Bahamas 1859-1986


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