Simple Sis

Simple Sis
Directed by Herman C. Raymaker
Screenplay by Albert Kenyon
Story by Melville Crossman[lower-alpha 1]
Cinematography Frank Kesson
Distributed by Warner Bros.
Release dates
  • June 11, 1927 (1927-06-11)[2]
Running time
70 minutes
Country United States
Language Silent

Simple Sis is a 1927 American silent comedy-melodrama directed by Herman C. Raymaker and starring Louise Fazenda as a poor, plain laundress hoping for romance, supported by Clyde Cook as a shy suitor and Myrna Loy as a cruel beauty.

No copies of Simple Sis are known to exist; it is presumed lost.[3][4]

Plot summary

Sis, a laundress, is neither beautiful nor clever, but she still wishes to attract a boyfriend. When attractive Edith Van inadvertently hides her love-letter in the wrong pocket, Sis finds it and, thinking it is for her, goes to meet the lover. The mistake is soon exposed and Edith ridicules Sis. Sis meets truck driver Jerry when he rescues her from a purse-snatcher. Because of his extreme shyness, she thinks he has no interest in her. After taking in the orphaned Buddy, Sis loses her job. Although she saves Buddy from a fire, welfare workers remove him from her care. In the end, Sis, Jerry, and Buddy are united as a family.[2]



Simple Sis was released June 11, 1927, the second of four Warner Bros. feature films released that month.[5]

Variety summed up the production as "colorless" and "of negligible entertainment or box office value".[6] The reviewer for Motion Picture News called it "hokum" and thought it came across as depressing rather than comedic.[7] In the brief Photoplay review, audiences were warned of boredom and Fazenda was deemed "worthy of better stories".[8]


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