Skagen Line
Native name Skagensbanen
Type Railway
System Danish railways
Termini Skagen
57°43′26″N 10°35′32″E / 57.7239°N 10.5921°E / 57.7239; 10.5921 (Skagen station)
57°26′28″N 10°32′24″E / 57.4412°N 10.5400°E / 57.4412; 10.5400 (Frederikshavn station)
Stations 10
Opened 24 July 1890
Owner Nordjyske Jernbaner
Operator(s) Nordjyske Jernbaner
Character Local railway
Rolling stock Desiro
Line length 39.7 km (24.7 mi)
Number of tracks 1
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in)
Electrification No
Operating speed 120 km/h (75 mph)
Route map

The Skagen Line or the Skagen Railway (Danish: Skagensbanen) is a 39.7 km (24.7 mi) long standard gauge single track railway line between Skagen and Frederikshavn, Denmark. The railway links the fishing port and seaside resort of Skagen with the Danish rail network.

The railway line opened as a narrow gauge railway in 1890 and was converted to standard gauge in 1924. It is currently owned and operated by the railway company Nordjyske Jernbaner (NJ) which runs frequent local train services from Skagen station to Frederikshavn station with onward connections by DSB to the rest of Denmark.


Work on the railway line started on July 26, 1889, and the railway was opened on July 24, 1890. Until 1924 it was a narrow gauge railway, and trains could maximum drive 30 km/h (19 mph).

In 1924, the railway line was converted to standard gauge to avoid the need to transfer cargoes of fish in Frederikshavn. As a consequence of the conversion, the layout of Skagen station was extensively changed. As part of the conversion, the right-of-way between Frederikshavn and Rimmen halt was changed so the railway line passed by the coastal town of Strandby instead of Elling.

In 2001, the operating company Skagensbanen A/S (SB) merged with Hjørring Privatbaner A/S (HP) to form the railway company Nordjyske Jernbaner. Headquartered in Hjørring, the company is now responsible for running the Hjørring–Hirtshals and Frederikshavn–Skagen lines.

In 2005 the current Siemens Desiro was set in, and between Skagen and Hulsig, the maximum speed in 120 km/h (75 mph).


Skagensbanen rail tracks in Bunken Plantation.

The Skagen line runs north from Frederikshavn, following the tracks of the Vendsyssel Line out of the city. As the Vendsyssel Line branches west towards Hjørring, the Skagen Line continues north following the curve of the coast line of the Ålbæk Bay, serving the towns of Strandby, Jerup and Ålbæk. From Ålbæk the line continues north, passing through Bunken Plantation, Hulsig Heath and Skagen Plantation before passing through the western part of Skagen to reach its terminus in central Skagen.


Local trains

An NJ Desiro DMU calling at Strandby station.

Nordjyske Jernbaner (NJ) runs frequent local train services from Skagen station to Frederikshavn station with onward connections by DSB to the rest of Denmark.

InterCity service

In a period during the 1990s there were direct InterCity connections between Copenhagen and Skagen, operated by DSB.


Skagen Line
38,8 Skagen
NJ workshop
Skagen Havnebane
38,0 Frederikshavnsvej
28,0 Hulsig
24,5 Bunken
19,8 Aalbæk
15,6 Napstjært
13,0 Jerup
9,5 Rimmen
6,3 Strandby
to Aalborg
Frederikshavn Havnebane
DSB workshop
0,0 Frederikshavn
Frederikshavn Havnebane
Station Distance from
Frederikshavn (km)
Distance from
Skagen (km)
Skagen 38.8 0
Frederikshavnsvej 38.0 0.8 opened in 1992
Hulsig 28.0 10.8
Bunken 24.5 14.3
Ålbæk 19.8 19.0
Napstjært 15.6 23.2
Jerup 13.0 25.8
Rimmen 9.5 29.3
Strandby 6.3 32.5
Frederikshavn 0 38.8

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