Society for the Suppression of Speculative Stamps

The Society for the Suppression of Speculative Stamps (S.S.S.S.) was a short-lived and ill-fated attempt by philatelists before 1900 to suppress the issue of illegal stamps designed mainly for sale to collectors.

The society was formed on 6 May 1895 and lasted until about 1897 when it broke up due to the failure of dealers and collectors within its ranks to boycott speculative issues.[1]

The society was supported by the Royal Philatelic Society London and the American Philatelic Society.

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  1. "The Possibility of Forming a Universal Philatelic Union of Philatelic Societies to Discourage Unnecessary or Speculative Issues" by M.P. Castle in The London Philatelist, Vol.19, pp.111-118, 1910.

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