Spišské Podhradie

Spišské Podhradie
View on Spišské Podhradie from Spiš Castle
Coat of arms
Country Slovakia
Region Prešov
District Levoča
Elevation 430 m (1,411 ft)
Coordinates 49°00′00″N 20°45′06″E / 49.00000°N 20.75167°E / 49.00000; 20.75167Coordinates: 49°00′00″N 20°45′06″E / 49.00000°N 20.75167°E / 49.00000; 20.75167
Area 24.94 km2 (9.63 sq mi)
Population 3,826 (2006)
Density 153/km2 (396/sq mi)
First mentioned 1249
Mayor Mgr. Jozef Bača
Postal code 05301
Area code +421-53
Car plate LE
Location of Spišské Podhradie in Slovakia
Location of Spišské Podhradie in the Eastern part of the Prešov Region
Wikimedia Commons: Spišské Podhradie
Statistics: MOŠ/MIS
Website: www.spisskepodhradie.sk

Spišské Podhradie (German: Kirchdrauf; Hungarian: Szepesváralja) is a town in Spiš in the Prešov Region of Slovakia. Its population is 3,826.

Spišské Podhradie is situated at the foot of the hill of Spiš Castle. It had a Zipser German settlement, with its own church and priest, in 1174. Just above, and adjacent to, the town is the ecclesiastical settlement of Spišská Kapitula (hence an old German name Kirchdorf, meaning "church town"). The town contains a number of Renaissance merchants' houses. It also has one of the few remaining synagogue buildings (now disused) in the region.

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