Saint Petersburg Mathematical Society

Saint Petersburg Mathematical Society
Санкт-Петербургское математическое общество

Logo of the Saint Petersburg Mathematical society in 2016
Formation 1890 (1890)
  • Fontanka 27, St. Petersburg, 191023, Russia
Fields Mathematics
Official language
Yuri Matiyasevich
Affiliations European Mathematical Society
Formerly called
  • Leningrad Mathematical Society (Russian: Ленинградское математическое общество) (1959–1990)
  • Petrograd Physical and Mathematical Society (Russian: Петроградского физико-математического общества) (1921–1930)
  • Saint Petersburg Mathematical Society (Russian: Санкт-Петербургское математическое общество) (1890–1905)

The Saint Petersburg Mathematical Society (Russian: Санкт-Петербургское математическое общество) is a mathematical society run by Saint Petersburg mathematicians.

Historical notes

The St. Petersburg Mathematical Society was founded in 1890 and was the third founded mathematical society in Russia after the Moscow (1867) and the Khar'kov (1879) ones.[1][2] Its first president was Vasily Grigorevich Imshenetskii,[1] who also had founded earlier the Karkhov Mathematical Society.[3]

The Society was dissolved and subsequently revived twice, each time changing its name: sometime in between 1905 and 1917, the society ceased to function and by 1917 it had completely dissolved, perhaps due to the social agitations that destroyed many existing Russian scientific institutions.[2] In 1930, the last dissolution of the society was due to political reasons.[4] Before the beginning of World War II in 1941, Leonid Kantorovich proposed to revive the society, and a similar failed attempt was tried by Vladimir Smirnov in 1953: only in 1959 Yuri Linnik did succeed in reestablishing the society.[5]

Timeline of former presidents

Years President References
1890–1892 Vasily Grigorevich Imshenetskii (Saint Petersburg Mathematical Society 2012).[6]
1892–1905 Julian Karol Sochocki (Saint Petersburg Mathematical Society 2012).
1921–1923 Alexei Vasil'evich Vassiliev (Saint Petersburg Mathematical Society 2012).[7]
1923–1930 Nikolai Maximovich Günther (Saint Petersburg Mathematical Society 2012).[8]
1959–1965 Yuri Vladimirovich Linnik (Saint Petersburg Mathematical Society 2012).
1965–1985 Sergei Mikhailovich Lozinskii (Saint Petersburg Mathematical Society 2012).[9]
1985–1989 Dmitry Konstantinovich Faddeev (Saint Petersburg Mathematical Society 2012).
1990–1998 Olga Aleksandrovna Ladyzhenskaya (Saint Petersburg Mathematical Society 2012).
1998–2008 Anatoly Vershik (Saint Petersburg Mathematical Society 2012).
2008– Yuri Matiyasevich (Saint Petersburg Mathematical Society 2012).

Honorary members


"Young mathematician" prize

The "Young Mathematician" prize[10] has been awarded since 1962: the first winner was Vladimir Maz'ya,[11] for his results on Sobolev spaces.[12] A (partial) list of the winners is the following one:

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