Steel City

For the album by Tim Finn, see Steel City (album). For the town in Illinois, see Steel City, Illinois.
Not to be confused with Steeltown; Steelville; Steelton; or Steele City, Nebraska.
Not to be confused with Steel (disambiguation).

The Steel City is a common nickname for many cities that were once known for their production of large amounts of steel. With industrial production also in developing countries, like those in Eastern Europe and Asia, most of these cities do not produce as much steel as they used to. It is possible there will be new steel cities in those developing countries.

Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States; Pueblo, Colorado, United States; and Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia are the cities most commonly referred to with this name, in their respective countries.

Steel City is also the name of the primary setting in Jules Verne's novel The Begum's Fortune and is the location of the Titans East headquarters in the Teen Titans animated series.

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