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Teka Group
Founded 1924
Founder Karl Thielmann
Headquarters Zug, Switzerland; Amsterdam, Netherlands, Santander, Spain; Haiger, Germany
Area served
Key people
Maximilian Brönner, Chairman of Teka Group. Johan Van der Werf, CFO of Teka Group, Arturo Baldasano, President of Teka Industrial, Stefan Hoetzl, CEO of Kitchen & Bath BU; Alejandro Gálvez and Bernd Loeser, co CEO of Containers BU; Marc-Oliver Schneider, CEO Professional Kitchen BU

Kitchen and Bath: Ovens, microwaves, hoods, gas cooktops, induction and glass-ceramic hobs. Sinks, bathroom taps, kitchen taps, accessories and bathroom fittings and sanitary systems. Refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, dryers, dishwashers andwine coolers.

Containers: Beer kegs, gas cylinders, industrial containers. Ceramic glazes on steel, cold plates for thermal power plants.

Professional kitchens: Large electrical appliances for professional kitchens, fittings and furniture for industrial kitchens.

Teka http://www.teka.es/es Küppersbusch http://www.kueppersbusch-hausgeraete.de/ Comet http://www.comet.be/ Thor http://www.thor.pt/ Intra http://www.intra-teka.com/ Mofém http://www.mofem.hu/ Portinox http://portinox.com/ Ucon http://www.ucon.de/de/index.php KEK http://www.kek-dresden.com/ Thielmann http://thielmann.com/

Groku Kampen http://www.groku.nl/
Services Equipment for domestic kitchens, industrial kitchens, taps, bathroom, beer kegs, industrial containers, ceramic glazes.
Number of employees
Parent Teka Group
Divisions Kitchen & Bath, Containers, Professional Kitchen

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The Teka Group is a multinational company founded in Germany in 1924 and engaged in the manufacture and commercialisation of kitchen and bath products, ceramic glazes, industrial containers and professional kitchens. It is a European benchmark in sinks, exhaust hoods, hobs and ovens and is a world leader in the production of beer kegs. The group has 25 factories in Europe, America and Asia. It owns 57 subsidiaries, commercializes its products in 116 countries and has a workforce of 4,842 employees worldwide. Teka is the only company in the sector around the globe that offers both domestic and professional integrated kitchen solutions. Its products range from sinks and taps to ovens, induction hobs, extractor hoods and washing machines, among other electrical appliances.[1] Maximilian Brönner is the Chairman of the Holding. Arturo Baldasano is the President of Teka Industrial.[2][3][4] Dr. Stefan Hoetzl is the Group’s CEO for its Kitchen and Bath Division.[5] Container Business Unit has two co-CEO: Alejandro Gálvez and Bernd Loeser. Marc-Oliver Schneider is the Group's CEO for its Professional Kitchen Business Unit.


Since Teka set up in Spain in 1964, the group has expanded from Europe to the five continents. At the end of 2013, Peru became the 33rd country to have its own Teka offices. Years earlier, it began making inroads in China [6] where it now has a presence in several cities such as Kaiping, Weihai, and Shanghai. The Teka Group is growing rapidly in Asia through its subsidiaries in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, China and Vietnam; in the Middle East, from its base in the Arab Emirates;[7] Turkey and South America. It has launched a development plan in Africa, which includes both Maghreb and the south of the continent. The group’s sales in Europe account for 80% of its turnover, followed by America and the Asia-Pacific region.


Teka is structured into three business Units:

Teka showroom

Kitchen and Bath Division: This is Teka’s largest business unit and one of the most important in the production of built-in electrical appliances and in stainless steel sinks. The most important products it manufactures are induction cooktops, glass-ceramic hobs, gas cooktops, ovens, microwaves and extractor hoods. It also produces and distributes kitchen and bathroom taps and all kinds of bathroom fittings both for public facilities as well as for homes. The division also produces ceramic glazes for steel and cast iron. Since a plant was set up in the Chinese city of Weihai, in 2009, a business line has been opened that focuses on the supply of cold components for thermal power plants. The division commercializes its products under the Teka, Küppersbusch, Mofém, Thor and Vitrogar brand names. It owns 15 factories: 2 in America, 3 in Asia, 2 in Turkey and in the rest in Europe. Its CEO is Dr. Stefan Hoetzl.

Teka kitchen

Containers Division: Teka’s containers can be found around the globe. The main product line consists of drinks containers, mainly beer, where the company claims a market share of over 35%. One in three beer kegs around the world has been manufactured by the Group.Thielmann-Portinox: headquartered in the province of Granada, Spain, is the Group’s company that produces and commercialises them. Through the company UCON, the Division develops a wide range of containers used for transportation and industrial storage, paying special attention to the pharmaceutical and chemical industry. The products it manufactures have a stainless steel base and a storage capacity ranging from 5 to over 100,000 litres. The containers division has 8 factories spread across Spain (2), Germany (4), the United Kingdom [8] (1) and Mexico (1). This Division’s co-CEO are Alejandro Gálvez and Bernd Loeser.

Professional Kitchen Division: This division designs, manufactures, commercialises and distributes a line of kitchens and catering equipment for restaurants, hotels, education facilities, hospitals, airports, and cafeterias. Küppersbusch, Groku Kampem and KEK are the brand names through which the Teka Group operates in the different markets. The division owns 3 factories in Germany and the Netherlands. Its CEO is Marc-Oliver Schneider.

Main companies

Teka Industrial S.A. is the multinational’s most important company. Since its early stages, its production has focused mainly on the manufacture of stainless steel sinks, kitchens, ovens and extractor hoods, where it is at the forefront of the European market. One of Teka’s most important business areas is in the so-called White Goods Line, which refers to kitchen-related electrical appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators, freezers and dishwashers, among others. Since the outset, Teka has committed to integrating electrical appliances into kitchen furniture, a practice known as built-in or fitted kitchens. It has factories in Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Scandinavia, Hungary, Mexico, Venezuela, Turkey, Indonesia and China.

Through its Vitrogar brand name, the Group enamel coats both ovens and glass ceramic hobs. In recent years, it has become one of the most important European suppliers in the manufacture of ceramic glazed parts for cooling thermal power plants. It has factories in Weihai, China.

Teka Sanitary Systems: The company is engaged in manufacturing and commercialising taps for bathrooms and domestic and industrial kitchens. It has factories in Spain, China and Hungary.

Intra: This company of Scandinavian origin is basically engaged in the manufacture of sinks, sanitary components and stainless steel accessories for kitchens and bathrooms. It was founded in 1870. The company started designing and manufacturing washing sinks in stainless steel, and it took the name Intra in the 1970s. The company expanded to kitchen products as well as other bathroom products, and hired industrial designers. In the 1980s it moved to Storsand in Malvik. The owners also bought a Swedish and a Danish company, creating the Intra Group. Intra’s products are characterised by their cutting-edge designs and are sold across the globe. Nevertheless, its main markets are in Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

Küppersbusch: The kitchen premium brand was founded in 1875 by Friedrich Küppersbusch, who back then wanted to “make the best even better”. The brand values of design, quality, function, innovation and healthy food are part of the Küppersbusch brand claim “Für Küchen mit Stil”.Since the company was founded Küppersbusch has stood out due to its innovations. The first electric stove is an example of this, as is the unique ökotherm®catalytic converter. The company also focuses on the topic of customisation: In 2013, the Küppersbusch Individual Concept was launched, which enables the customer to tailor the appliance to suit their needs.

Thielmann-Portinox: one of the group’s companies engaged in transforming stainless steel into a wide range of industrial products. It mainly produces and commercialises containers for liquids. It is a global leader in the manufacture of beer kegs to the extent that one in every three has been produced at its facilities. It has production centres in Europe and Mexico.

Kueppersbusch: This brand name is shared by two different companies: one engaged in manufacturing and commercialising premium electrical appliances for domestic kitchens and another focussed on bespoke professional kitchens: catering, restaurants and groups especially focussed on cooking, refrigeration and storage. Its main service area is in Central Europe, although its products are spread around almost the whole world.

Ucon: This is one of the main intermediate bulk containers manufacturers (IBC) in Europe. Its array of containers ranges from 5.7 to 3,000 litres. It has factories in Haiger and Hausach (Germany).

Sports sponsorship

The Teka Group is one of the companies with the most extensive sports sponsorship tradition. Hand in hand with Teka, the Racing de Santander was the first Spanish football team to have advertising on their uniforms. Worthy of note is the company’s sponsorship, for almost eight years, of Real Madrid when the team won two UEFA Champions Leagues and one Intercontinental Cup. It was also present in the historic Teka Cantabria Handball team, the Teka Cycling Sports Group and in the Teka Suzuki Motocross Team. For several years, it also sponsored the World MX1 Motocross Championship.

In 2010, it took part as a sponsor in the second edition of the Barcelona World Race with a yacht that came second in the most important non-stop regatta for two crew members worldwide. The Group has other sports sponsorships such as Polo and Motor Racing (2013 Dakar Rally), both in Chile. It was also present at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games supporting the Hungarian two-time medal winner Imre Pulai, in the luge event.

So far, Real Madrid has won with Teka 9 titles in football and 10 in basketball, which makes a total number of 21 titles.

Real Madrid Basket

Teka has restart its support for sport by signing in July 1, 2014 a sponsorship deal with Real Madrid Baloncesto for the next three seasons. Teka, who had been previously connected to this club with whom he won major titles such as Euroleague 1995, 3 Spanish leagues, 1 Copa del Rey and 1 European Recup, adds to its previous wins the Endesa Super Cup 2014, winning Barça on court with a 99-78 on the scoreboard.[9][10][11][12][13][14]

With this victory, the team sponsored by Teka conquests 5 possible titles in one season by entering into the basketball history as the only team in the world that has ever got it, and taking a deserved repóker for winning Eurocup, Euroleague, Copa del Rey, Endesa League and Intercontinental Cup.

Distinguishing marks

Teka Group is characterized by very definite distinguishing marks summarized in four points:

Experience: With 94 years of presence in the market, especially Europe, the Group has gone through all kind of circumstances establishing itself as a global, intercultural and multinational company. As a result of its age is the high brand awareness in major countries where it operates. From its main centers in Germany, Spain, Italy and Portugal are born its designs and developments characterized by the Made in Europe concept, mixing the best of Latin spirit and German efficiency.

Wide range / Quality / Innovation


Teka ovens and coffee maker

Teka has developed throughout its history products considered I+D. Teka Induction hobs have been recognized by the Spanish Association for Standardization and Certification (AENOR) as technological innovation project. This is shown by the certificate of I+D+i delivered to the company in 2014. This certification, based on the requirements of the Spanish UNE 166001 and the current tax law, certifies that a project is truly I+D or Technological Innovation, beyond any own or promotional consideration.

'Hydroclean® Oven': Teka has been the first company in the sector to manufacture an oven which only needs a glass of water to clean itself in 24 minutes using steam power. To this end, the company has developed exclusive enamel that covers the oven cavity and its trays. Its microstructure is based on the leaves of the Lotus plant, well known for its self-cleaning properties. This way, the water steam generated along with Hydroclean® technology means that built-up grease and dirt are easily removed. Energy expenditure is reduced, for example, from 3,475W/h of a pyrolytic process in a standard programme to 76W/h. The use of chemical cleaners is also avoided.

Teka Hydroclean oven HL 870 has received European recognition for innovation, design and cleaning system. In Poland, Dobrze Mieszkaj magazine awarded it with the "Dobry Design" award. In addition, Hydroclean range of Teka has been rated as the best product of the year 2012 by the entity Consumerchoice of Portugal.

Isink®Sinks: The innovation introduced by Teka is based on joining for the first time in the glass ceramic industry, a sink and an electronic water tap in the same work area.

Ihood®Hood: Teka is the only company to develop an appliance – a kitchen hood compatible with iPhone® and iPod® Apple®devices.

Combo Oven: Teka was the first company worldwide to produce an oven that can cook two dishes at the same time without mixing odors thanks to its two cavities 15 and 45 cm tall, physically differentiated.

Icon tap: One of the flattest and more sophisticated taps of the market. Its fine forms make it a product that requires high technology in its production.

SPA washing machines: A real spa for the clothes. Ensures a great care of the most delicate items. They include four main characteristics that make them the best allies of the home; they not only take care about the clothes, but also to pamper.

Woolmark Certificate: A universal quality seal that is only granted after establishing that the program washing wool garments can maintain the maximum of softness in your clothes, even after multiple washings.

Energy efficiency: Wash your clothes with lower energy consumption, reducing the environmental footprint. The energy classification of the Teka Spa washing machines helps to improve its efficiency, increasing its ability to clean and take care of the most delicate fabrics.

Speed Wash: Just using onebutton, any wash program reduces its duration by 30%.

SoftCare drum: The unique design of the Teka SPA washing machines drums, made of small cubes, it has been developed with the latest dynamic technology of fluid computation.


EBON oven : The range is enriched with new materials and models that provide a distinctive style in the kitchen, they have a white panel, high-quality surfaces, retractable controls and elegant moldings. The EBON ovens by Teka are the best demonstration of how to combine utility, design and elegance.

Fairs and exhibitions

Teka Group first came to the German fair Living Kitchen in January 2015 with three of its most iconic brands: Teka, Kueppersbusch and Intra. On this occasion, Teka had a stand of 400 square meters, divided into theme areas and brands, where it showed its main innovations in kitchen appliances, sinks and taps. In the area dedicated to Teka it was presented the new range of appliances (oven, induction hob and hood) equipped with TFT and remote control via smartphone and tablet devices. Teka new technology allows to access to its main functions from the office, car or anywhere connected to the Internet.

Teka has 98 showrooms worldwide.

Teka, Kueppersbusch and Intra, Grupo Teka brands in Living Kitchen 2015
Teka ovens and coffee maker in Mexico showroom.
Teka taps in Mexico showroom.
Teka showroom in India

International Awards

Teka Group received between 2013-2015 more than 15 international awards which recognize the design and quality of their products or the introduction of innovations in the sector.


Poland: Wybór Konsumeta. Polish consumers award recognizing Teka ovens as the best purchase option in its category.

Germany: Red Dot Award. Eligo sink from Intra brand.

Germany: Interior Innovation Award. Eligo sink.

Portugal: Escola de Consumidores Award. Ovens

Malasya: Homedec Innovative Product Award. Teka IRS 943

Hungary: E.ON Energy Efficiency Award. Teka DW 1 605 FI


Portugal: Escola de Consumidores Award. Hydroclean Oven

Germany: Red Dot Award. Küppersbusch Hood (DAH-KD-8950)

Germany: Red Dot Award. Küppersbusch kitchen unit Meisterstück

Germany: Red Dot Award. Küppersbusch Ovens Hot Chili Edition

Germany: Red Dot Award. Küppersbusch Ovens Copper Edition


Malaysia: Home Dec Awards. Quality Award. Hydroclean Oven HL-840

Malaysia: Home Dec Awards. Good design award. Hood DV-90

Poland: Dobry Design. Moonlite Tap

Portugal: Escola de Consumidores Award. Hydroclean Oven

Germany: Red Dot Award. Küppersbusch kitchen unit Meisterstück

Germany: Red Dot Award. Küppersbusch Microwave and coffee machine.

Teka and Repsol

Teka and Repsol have signed an agreement to promote the use of kitchens and other gas appliances at home and office. It is the first time the two companies come together to promote the use of this kind of fuel. The agreement allows Teka to recommend the use of propane and butane gas from Repsol in its product range. It also offers Teka customers, installation of gas appliances regardless where purchased.


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