The Ghost of Shockabilly

The Ghost of Shockabilly
Compilation album by Shockabilly
Released 1989 (1989)
Genre Noise rock
Length 72:15
Label Shimmy Disc
Producer Kramer
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The Ghost of Shockabilly
Live: ...Just Beautiful
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The Ghost of Shockabilly is a compilation album by Shockabilly, released in 1989 by Shimmy Disc. It comprises 1983's Earth vs. Shockabilly and 1984's Colosseum, both originally released by Rough Trade Records.[2]

Track listing

1."Day Tripper" (The Beatles cover)Lennon–McCartney3:43
2."Are You Experienced?" (The Jimi Hendrix Experience cover)Jimi Hendrix3:19
3."Burma Shave" (Roger Miller cover)Roger Miller1:43
4."City of Corruption"  Eugene Chadbourne3:04
5."Bluegrass Breakdown"  Eugene Chadbourne, Kramer, David Licht0:38
6."Party House Pt. III in 3-D"  Eugene Chadbourne2:39
7."People Are Strange" (The Doors cover)Robby Krieger, Jim Morrison3:15
8."Psychedelic Basement"  Eugene Chadbourne2:26
9."Purple Haze" (The Jimi Hendrix Experience cover)Jimi Hendrix2:44
10."19th Nervous Breakdown" (The Rolling Stones cover)Jagger/Richards3:47
11."Tennessee Flat Top Box" (Johnny Cash cover)Johnny Cash4:06
12."Oh Yoko!" (John Lennon cover)John Lennon1:16
13."Big Money Broad"  Eugene Chadbourne3:07
14."Wrestling Woman"  Eugene Chadbourne3:45
15."Our Daily Lead"  Eugene Chadbourne, Kramer1:37
16."BYOB Club"  Eugene Chadbourne, Kramer3:20
17."Roman Man"  Eugene Chadbourne1:40
18."Too Big for It's Cage"  Eugene Chadbourne, Kramer3:35
19."Eight Miles High" (The Byrds cover)Gene Clark, David Crosby, Jim McGuinn5:58
20."Dang Me" (Roger Miller cover)Roger Miller2:29
21."Secret of the Cooler"  Eugene Chadbourne3:45
22."Hattiesburg, Miss"  Eugene Chadbourne2:13
23."You Dungeon My Brain"  Eugene Chadbourne3:05
24."Homeward Bound" (Simon and Garfunkel cover)Paul Simon1:48
25."National Bummer"  Eugene Chadbourne3:14

Release history

Region Date Label Format Catalog
United States 1989 Shimmy Disc CD Shimmy 017+
Netherlands SDE 8906


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