Tone name

In tonal languages, tone names are the names given to the tones these languages use.

Pitch contours of the four Mandarin tones
Northern Vietnamese (non-Hanoi) tones as uttered by a male speaker in isolation. From Nguyễn & Edmondson (1998)
Thai language tone chart
ToneThaiExamplePhonemicPhoneticExample meaning in English
midสามัญ นา /nāː/[naː˧]paddy field
lowเอก หน่า /nàː/[naː˩](a nickname)
fallingโท หน้า /nâː/[naː˥˩]face
highตรี น้า /náː/[naː˧˥] or [naː˥]maternal aunt or uncle younger than one's mother
risingจัตวา หนา /nǎː/[naː˩˩˦] or [naː˩˦]thick

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