Torku Şekerspor

Torku Şekerspor
Team information
UCI code TRK
Registered Konya, Central Anatolia, Turkey
Founded 2005
Discipline Road
Status UCI Continental
Bicycles Salcano
Key personnel
Team manager(s) Mehmet Şafakcı
Team name history
Hemus 1896 Aurora 2000 Berchi
Hemus 1896-Berneschi
Hemus 1896
Hemus 1896-Vivelo
Konya–Torku Şekerspor
Torku Şekerspor

Torku Şekerspor (UCI team code: TRK) is a Turkish professional cycling team, based in Konya, Central Anatolia. The team is sponsored by the local sugar and chocolate industries. It is part of the Konya Anadolu Selçukspor organisation, a Turkish TFF Second League football team.[1]

In 2011, the team became Turkey's first ever professional bicycle racing team. It has UCI Continental team status.[1]

Team member Miraç Kal qualified for participation in the road race event at the 2012 Summer Olympics.[2]


In April 2012 Ivailo Gabrovski tested positive for Erythropoietin (EPO) on Stage 3 of the 2012 Tour of Turkey, winning the stage and the overall title.[3] Gabrovski was banned for two years and had his victory stripped.[4] In May 2012 Volodymyr Bileka tested positive for Norpseudoephedrine on Stage 1 of the 2012 Tour of Trakya receiving a four-year suspension for his second doping offence.

In March 2013, Mustafa Sayar tested positive for EPO after Stage 1 of the 2013 Tour d'Algérie.[5]

Team roster

As of 21 November 2016
Rider Date of birth
 Ahmet Akdilek (TUR) (1988-03-10) March 10, 1988
 Bekir Baki Akırşan (TUR) (1991-11-01) November 1, 1991
 Ismail Aksoy (TUR) (1989-08-10) August 10, 1989
 Muhammet Atalay (TUR) (1989-05-15) May 15, 1989
 Nazim Bakırcı (TUR) (1986-05-29) May 29, 1986
 Miraç Kal (TUR) (1987-07-08) July 8, 1987
Rider Date of birth
 Fatih Keleş (TUR) (1993-03-31) March 31, 1993
 Fethullah Köse (TUR) (1995-01-01) January 1, 1995
 Ahmet Örken (TUR) (1993-03-12) March 12, 1993
 Rasim Reis (TUR) (1992-11-16) November 16, 1992
 Feritcan Şamlı (TUR) (1994-01-29) January 29, 1994
 Mustafa Sayar (TUR) (1989-04-22) April 22, 1989

Major results

1st Stage 5 Tour du Maroc, Eyüp Karagöbek
1st Stage 4 Tour of Trakya, Muhammet Atalay
1st Overall Tour of Isparta, Mustafa Sayar
1st Stage 1, Mustafa Sayar
1st Stage 3, Danail Petrov
1st Stage 5 Tour of Romania, Vladimir Koev
1st Stage 3 Tour of Cappadocia, Miraç Kal
1st Overall Sibiu Cycling Tour, Vladimir Koev
1st Stage 3, Vladimir Koev
1st Stage 4 Tour of Marmara, Eyüp Karagöbek
1st Stage 4 Tour of Alanya, Hüseyin Özcan
1st Stage 4 Azerbaijan Tour, Yuriy Metlushenko
1st Overall Tour of Trakya, Yuriy Metlushenko
1st Stages 1, 2 & 4, Yuriy Metlushenko
1st Stage 3 Baltic Chain Tour, Yuriy Metlushenko
1st Stage 4 Tour of Taihu Lake, Yuriy Metlushenko
1st Stage 2 Tour d'Algérie, Sergiy Grechyn
1st Stage 1 Tour de Blida, Mustafa Sayar
1st Stage 6 Tour du Maroc, Ahmet Örken[6]
1st Overall Tour d'Azerbaïdjan, Sergiy Grechyn
1st Stage 2, Sergiy Grechyn
1st Stages 4 & 6 Tour de Serbie, Ahmet Örken[7][8]
1st Stage 2 Tour of Qinghai Lake, David de la Fuente
1st Overall Tour of Taihu Lake, Yuriy Metlushenko
1st Stages 1, 2, 3, 4 & 9, Yuriy Metlushenko
1st Stage 9 Tour of Qinghai Lake, Ahmet Örken
1st Overall Tour of Çanakkale, Ahmet Akdilek
1st Prologue, Ahmet Akdilek
1st Stage 3, Ismail Aksoy
1st Overall Tour du Maroc, Tomasz Marczyński
1st Stages 1, 4 & 7, Tomasz Marczyński
1st Stage 2, Ahmet Örken
1st Overall Tour of Black Sea, Tomasz Marczyński
1st Stage 1, Tomasz Marczyński
1st Stage 3, Ahmet Örken
1st Stage 3 Tour of Iran, Ismail Aksoy
1st Overall Tour of Ankara, Nazim Bakırcı
1st Stage 1, Nazim Bakırcı
1st Stage 4, Feritcan Şamlı
1st Overall International Tour of Torku Mevlana, Ahmet Örken
1st Prologue, Stages 2 & 3, Ahmet Örken
1st Overall Tour of Aegean, Ahmet Örken
1st Prologue & Stage 1, Ahmet Örken
1st Stage 3, Rasim Reis
1st Overall Tour of Mersin, Nazim Bakırcı
1st Stage 1 Tour of Ankara, Feritcan Şamlı
1st Stage 2 Tour of Ankara, Mustafa Sayar
1st Stage 3 Tour of Ankara, Fatih Keleş

National Champions

Turkey Road Race, Miraç Kal
Bulgaria Road Race, Danail Petrov
Turkey Road Race, Miraç Kal
Turkey Under-23 Time Trial, Feritcan Şamlı
Turkey Road Race, Nazim Bakırcı
Turkey Time Trial, Bekir Baki Akırşan
Kazakhstan Time Trial, Andrey Mizurov
Turkey Road Race, Feritcan Şamlı
Turkey Time Trial, Ahmet Örken
Turkey Under-23 Time Trial, Alihan Demirbağ
Turkey Road Race, Ahmet Akdilek
Turkey Time Trial, Ahmet Örken
Poland Road Race, Tomasz Marczyński
Turkey Under-23 Road Race, Batuhan Özgür
Turkey Under-23 Time Trial, Halil İbrahim Dilek
Turkey Time Trial, Ahmet Örken


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