Tour de Luxembourg

Tour de Luxembourg
Race details
Date Early June
Region Luxembourg
English name Tour of Luxembourg
Discipline Road
Competition UCI Europe Tour
Type Stage-race
First edition 1935 (1935)
Editions 80 (as of 2016)
First winner  Mathias Clemens (LUX)
Most wins  Mathias Clemens (LUX) (5 wins)
Most recent  Maurits Lammertink (NED)

The Tour de Luxembourg is an annual stage race in professional road bicycle racing held in Luxembourg. The Tour de Luxembourg is classified as a 2.HC, the highest rating below the World Tour, by the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI), the sport's governing body. In 2006, the Tour was part of the UCI Europe Tour. Held in late May to early June, the event is sometimes used by riders as a preparation race for the Tour de France.[1]


Rider Team
1935 Luxembourg Clemens, MathiasMathias Clemens (LUX)
1936 Luxembourg Clemens, MathiasMathias Clemens (LUX)
1937 Luxembourg Clemens, MathiasMathias Clemens (LUX)
1938 Belgium Vlaeminck, LucienLucien Vlaeminck (BEL)
1939 Luxembourg Clemens, MathiasMathias Clemens (LUX)
1940 No race
1941 Luxembourg Didier, ChristophChristoph Didier (LUX)
1942 Luxembourg Neuens, FransFrans Neuens (LUX)
1943 Luxembourg Neuens, FransFrans Neuens (LUX)
1944 No race
1945 Luxembourg Goldschmit, JangJang Goldschmit (LUX)
1946 Belgium Schotte, BrikBrik Schotte (BEL)
1947 Luxembourg Clemens, MathiasMathias Clemens (LUX)
1948 Luxembourg Goldschmit, JeanJean Goldschmit (LUX)
1949 Luxembourg Diederich, BimBim Diederich (LUX)
1950 Belgium Ryck, Isidore DeIsidore De Ryck (BEL)
1951 Luxembourg Ernzer, MarcelMarcel Ernzer (LUX)
1952 Luxembourg Kirchen, JengJeng Kirchen (LUX)
1953 Belgium Vanderstockt, RobertRobert Vanderstockt (BEL)
1954 Luxembourg Schmitz, JempyJempy Schmitz (LUX)
1955 France Bobet, LouisonLouison Bobet (FRA)
1956 Luxembourg Gaul, CharlyCharly Gaul (LUX)
1957 France Saint, GerardGérard Saint (FRA)
1958 Luxembourg Schmitz, JempyJempy Schmitz (LUX)
1959 Luxembourg Gaul, CharlyCharly Gaul (LUX)
1960 Luxembourg Ernzer, MarcelMarcel Ernzer (LUX)
1961 Luxembourg Gaul, CharlyCharly Gaul (LUX)
1962 Belgium Plankaert, JeffJeff Plankaert (BEL)
1963 Belgium Molenaers, YvoYvo Molenaers (BEL)
1964 Netherlands Hartog, Arie DenArie Den Hartog (NED)
1965 United Kingdom Denson, VinVin Denson (GBR)
1966 Luxembourg Schutz, EdyEdy Schütz (LUX)
1967 Belgium Brands, FransFrans Brands (BEL)
1968 Luxembourg Schutz, EdyEdy Schütz (LUX)
1969 Italy Boifava, DavideDavide Boifava (ITA)
1970 Luxembourg Schutz, EdyEdy Schütz (LUX)
1971 Belgium Dierickx, AndreAndré Dierickx (BEL)
1972 Belgium Rosiers, RogerRoger Rosiers (BEL)
1973 France Vasseur, SylvainSylvain Vasseur (FRA)
1974 Belgium Maertens, FreddyFreddy Maertens (BEL)
1975 Belgium Frans Verbeeck (BEL)
1976 Belgium Frans Verbeeck (BEL)
1977 Netherlands Pronk, BertBert Pronk (NED)
1978 Belgium Peeters, LudoLudo Peeters (BEL)
1979 Luxembourg Didier, LucienLucien Didier (LUX)
1980 Netherlands Oosterbosch, BertBert Oosterbosch (NED)
1981 Soviet Union Barinov, YouriYouri Barinov (URS)
1982 France Hinault, BernardBernard Hinault (FRA)
1983 Luxembourg Didier, LucienLucien Didier (LUX)
1984 France Lavainne, ChristopheChristophe Lavainne (FRA)
1985 Netherlands Nijdam, JelleJelle Nijdam (NED)
1986 Netherlands Rooks, StevenSteven Rooks (NED)
1987 Denmark Lilholt, SörenSören Lilholt (DEN)
1988 Switzerland Trinkler, RichardRichard Trinkler (SUI)
1989 Netherlands Cornelisse, MichelMichel Cornelisse (NED)
1990 France Lavainne, ChristopheChristophe Lavainne (FRA)
1991 Netherlands Theunisse, Gert-JanGert-Jan Theunisse (NED)
1992 France Dojwa, Jean-PhilippeJean-Philippe Dojwa (FRA)
1993 Italy Sciandri, MaximilianMaximilian Sciandri (ITA)
1994 Netherlands Maassen, FransFrans Maassen (NED)
1995 Switzerland Jarmann, RolfRolf Järmann (SUI)
1996 Italy Elli, AlbertoAlberto Elli (ITA)
1997 Belgium Vandenbroucke, FrankFrank Vandenbroucke (BEL) Mapei–GB
1998 United States Armstrong, LanceLance Armstrong (USA) U.S. Postal Service
1999 Belgium Wauters, MarcMarc Wauters (BEL) Rabobank
2000 Italy Elli, AlbertoAlberto Elli (ITA) Team Telekom
2001 Denmark Bo Petersen, JorgenJørgen Bo Petersen (DEN) Team Fakta
2002 Sweden Ljungqvist, MarcusMarcus Ljungqvist (SWE) Team Fakta
2003 France Voeckler, ThomasThomas Voeckler (FRA) Brioches La Boulangère
2004 Belgium Monfort, MaximeMaxime Monfort (BEL) Landbouwkrediet–Colnago
2005 Hungary , Laszlo BodrogiLaszlo Bodrogi  (HUN) Crédit Agricole
2006 United States Vande Velde, ChristianChristian Vande Velde (USA) Team CSC
2007 Switzerland Rast, GregoryGrégory Rast (SUI) Astana
2008 Netherlands Posthuma, JoostJoost Posthuma (NED) Rabobank
2009 Luxembourg Schleck, FrankFränk Schleck (LUX) Team Saxo Bank
2010 Italy Carrara, MatteoMatteo Carrara (ITA) Vacansoleil
2011 Germany Gerdemann, LinusLinus Gerdemann (GER) Leopard Trek
2012 Denmark Fuglsang, JakobJakob Fuglsang (DEN) RadioShack–Nissan
2013 Germany Martens, PaulPaul Martens (GER) Blanco Pro Cycling
2014 Denmark Breschel, MattiMatti Breschel (DEN) Tinkoff–Saxo
2015 Germany Gerdemann, LinusLinus Gerdemann (GER) Cult Energy Pro Cycling
2016 Netherlands Lammertink, MauritsMaurits Lammertink (NED) Roompot–Oranje Peloton


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