Trần Quang Đức

Trần Quang Đức

Trần Quang Đức in his room, 2014.
Born Trần Quang Đức (陳光德)
(1985-05-16)16 May 1985
Haiphong,  Vietnam
Citizenship  Vietnam
Alma mater Thái Phiên High School
Vietnam National University
Peking University
Genre Sinology
Notable awards First prize of Chinese Bridge Competition (2004)
Spouse Trần Thanh Hiền
Children Trần Hàn Dương (daughter)

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Trần Quang Đức (Chinese: 陳光德, 1985 -) is a Vietnamese calligrapher, author and translator.[1]


Trần Quang Đức was born on 16 May 1985 in Haiphong city.[2] He has courtesy names Nam Phong (南風), Tam Uyển (三碗), Thí Phổ (施普), pen names Nam Quốc Nhân (南國人), An Biên Bachelor (安邊學士), room names Cao Trai (高齋), Vân Trai (雲齋), literary name Vân Nang (雲囊) and bhuddist name An Biên Attendant (安邊居士).[3][4]

According to the old narrative, in his mother's 9th-month of pregnancy, she dreamed about visiting the daisy garden and seeing the emerald clouds hovering in the sky with completely silent surroundings. On that occasion, his grandfather named him Quang Đức. As a child, he learned Hán Nôm under his grandfather's mentorship.[5]







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