Viceroy Cup

Hong Kong Viceroy Cup (Chinese: 總督盃) was a football competition in Hong Kong held by British American Tobacco. Started in 1969, it was the first football competition in Hong Kong which allowed commercial sponsorship. Together with First Division League, FA Cup and Senior Shield, they were considered as "Big Four" competitions in Hong Kong football circle. Since July 1999, the Hong Kong government has forbidden the sponsorship of sports events by tobacco firms, although the Chinese name of it suggests "Governor", which was the leader of British Hong Kong colony before Hong Kong Handover in 1997. The 29th and the last competition was held in 1998.



Season Winner Score Runners-up Venue Attendance
1969–70 Jardines Fire Services
1970–71 Eastern Rangers
1971–72 South China Rangers
1972–73 Seiko Eastern
1973–74 Rangers South China
1974–75 Rangers South China
1975–76 Happy Valley Seiko
1976–77 Caroline Hill Seiko
1977–78 Seiko Happy Valley
1978–79 Seiko 3–0 Urban Services
1979–80 South China 2–1 Caroline Hill
1980–81 Eastern 2–2 Caroline Hill
1981–82 Bulova Eastern
1982–83 Bulova 2–1 Eastern
1983–84 Seiko 2–0 Tung Sing
1984–85 Seiko 4–3 South China
1985–86 Seiko 2–0 South China
1986–87 South China 3–0 Tsuen Wan
1987–88 South China 3–2 Sing Tao
1988–89 Lai Sun Double Flower 1–0 Happy Valley
1989–90 Lai Sun 1–0 South China
1990–91 South China 1–0 Lai Sun
1991–92 Ernest Borel 2–1 South China Government Stadium
1992–93 South China 3–0 Eastern
1993–94 South China 3–1 Instant-Dict
1994–95 Sing Tao 3–0 Instant-Dict Hong Kong Stadium
1995–96 Instant-Dict 2–1 South China
1996–97 Sing Tao 0–0 Happy Valley Hong Kong Stadium 5,981
1997–98 South China 3–0 Instant-Dict
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