Born Viji Aswath[1]
Died 27 November 2000[2]
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Occupation Actress
Years active 1982–2000

Viji was an Indian film actress, who appeared in Tamil films. She made her debut in Kozhi Koovuthu and acted in over 40 films.[3]


Viji made her debut in Gangai Amaren's Kozhi Koovuthu. It went on to become a super hit and she was often referred to as 'Kozhi Koovuthu' Viji after the film.[4][5][6]

During shooting for Poove Unakkaga Viji experienced hip and back pain[7] and she underwent an operation on her spinal cord in 1996 at the Chennai Apollo Hospitals. The operation failed and doctors found an acute infection in the wound caused by the surgery.[8] After more surgeries,[7] Viji suffered temporary paralysis.[6][9] She filed a lawsuit on Apollo Hospitals which returned Rs 30,000.[8] Viji recovered after a corrective surgery[10] and made a comeback to films in 2000 with Simmasanam.[11] Vijayakanth, who had acted with Viji in many films, gave her an opportunity to star in the film and had promised to give her a role in his next film Vaanchinathan also,[12] but Simmasanam ultimately remained her last film.

On 27 November 2000, Viji committed suicide in her home in Chennai. Her suicide note blamed a failed love affair with director A. R. Ramesh, who was already married.[3][13] The Hindu reported that the prosecution case was that Ramesh promised to marry her but refused later and that three days prior to her death, Ramesh met Viji at a function and abused her.[2] Ramesh, his wife, A. R. Sumathi, and his friend Chinnasamy were charged with "abetting the suicide" of Viji and acquitted by the Mahila Court.[2]


Year Film Role Language Notes
1982 Kozhi Koovuthu Tamil
1983 Saatchi Tamil
1983 Poikkal Kudhirai Janaki Tamil
1983 En Priyame Tamil
1983 Ullam Uruguthadi Tamil
1983 Dhooram Adhighamillai Tamil
1983 Valarthakada Tamil
1983 Anney Anney Tamil
1983 Dowry Kalyanam Tamil
1984 Raja Veettu Kannukkutti Pavithra Tamil
1984 Sukradhisai Tamil
1984 Vetri Tamil
1984 Sathyam Neeye Tamil
1984 Nalla Naal Tamil
1984 Onnum Mindatha Bharya Malayalam
1984 Uyarangalil Malayalam
1985 Pournami Raavil 3D Malayalam
1985 Nayakan Parvathi Malayalam
1985 Eetti Tamil
1985 Kattukulle Thiruvizha Tamil
1985 Kutravaaligal Tamil
1985 Mookanankayiru Tamil
1986 Sayam Sandhya Malayalam
1986 Karimedu Karuvayan Tamil
1986 Mr. Bharath Ponni Tamil
1986 Marakka Mattaen Tamil
1986 Padikkatha Padam Tamil
1986 Raja Nee Vaazhga Tamil
1987 Dhoorathu Pachai Tamil
1988 Neruppu Nila Tamil
1988 Charavalayam Malayalam
1989 Eenam Thettatha Kattaru[14] Ponni Malayalam
1990 Aavathellam Pennale Tamil
1990 Avanga Namma Ooru Ponnunga Tamil
1992 Suriyan Tamil
1993 Rikshaw Thambi Tamil
1993 Uzhaippali Tamil
1993 Suriyan Chandiran Tamil
1993 En Idhaya Rani Bhanu Tamil
1994 Atha Maga Rathiname Vijaya Tamil
1994 Veetla Visheshanga Tamil
1996 Poove Unakkaga Tamil
2000 Simmasanam Kannamma Tamil


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