County-level city
Country China
Province Jiangxi
Prefecture-level city Yichun

Zhangshu (Chinese: 樟树; pinyin: Zhāngshù) is a county-level city in Yichun, which is located in the west-central Jiangxi Province. It has an area of 1,291 km² with a population of 536,500. It is the first county of China Top 100 County in Jiangxi Province. The literal translation of the name is Camphor laurel, because traditionally, the city was a major commercial hub for camphor laurel oil. Zhangshu is famous for Chinese medicinal herbs. What's more, the China top 10 medicine producer Renhe Group is located there.Officially, it is the Medicine Capital of China, and there are thousands of pharmaceutical companies. Hundreds of thousands of kinds of Chinese herbal medicines are saled by bulk or by retail.



Ganyang Sub-district, Lujiang Sub-district, Fucheng Sub-district, Daqiao Sub-district, Zhangjiashan Sub-district.


Changfu Town, Liugongmian Town, Yicheng Town, Huangtugang Town, Linjiang Town, Jinglou Town, Geshan Town, Dianxia Town, Guangshang Town, Yongtai Town.


Zhoushang Township, Zhongzhou Township, Yanghu Township, Wucheng Township.


Higher Education:

Jiangxi Agricultural Engineering College

High School:

Zhangshu City High School

Complete School:

Zhangshu City 2nd Complete School, Zhangshu City 3rd Complete School, Qingjiang Complete School.

Junior High School:

Changfu Junior High School, Zhangjiashan High School, Huangtugang High School.

Primary School:

Zhangshu City 1st Primary School, Zhangshu City 8th Primary School, Zhangshu City 4th Primary School, Anyang Primary School, Changfu Town Central Primary.


Wucheng Site

Zhuweicheng Site

Fanchengdui (archaeological site)

Mingshui Bridge

Linjiang Grand View Pavilion

Linjiang Bell Tower

Sanhuang Palace

Mao Zedong's House

Zhangshu City Museum

Medicine Capital Park

Mountain Ge Resorts

Zhangshu Guhai Resorts

Zhangshu Waterfront Park

Zhangshu Fountain Square


Railway Station:

Zhangshu Railway Station

Zhangshu East Railway Station


Changzhang Expressway : Nanchang to Zhangshu

Ganyue Expressway : Jiangxi Province to Guangdong Province

Hurui Expressway : Shanghai Municipality to Ruili City Yunnan Province

Coach Station:

Zhangshu Coach Station

Jingjiu Coach Station


Zhangshu Gan River Wharf

Zhangshu Guhai Resorts:Coordinates: 28°04′00″N 115°32′15″E / 28.06667°N 115.53750°E / 28.06667; 115.53750 http://www.jxdfsh.com/

Mountain Ge Resorts: http://www.gezaoshanly.com/

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