County-level city

County-level municipality
County-level city
Simplified Chinese 县级市
Traditional Chinese 縣級市

A county-level municipality (Chinese: 县级市), county-level city, or county city is a county-level administrative division of mainland China. County-level cities are usually governed by prefecture-level divisions, but a few are governed directly by province-level divisions.

Most county-level cities were created in the 1980s and 1990s by replacing counties.

A county-level city is a "city" (Chinese: ; pinyin: shì) and "county" (Chinese: ; pinyin: xiàn) that have been merged into one unified jurisdiction. As such it is simultaneously a city, which is a municipal entry, and a county which is an administrative division of a prefecture.

County-level cities are not "cities" in the strictest sense of the word, since they usually contain rural areas many times the size of their urban, built-up area. This is because the counties that county-level cities have replaced are themselves large administrative units containing towns, villages, and farmland. To distinguish a "county-level city" from its actual urban area (the traditional meaning of the word "city"), the term 市区 shìqū, or "urban area", is used.

Comparable territorial divisions in other countries

In the main urban area of Daye, a county-level city within the prefecture-level city of Huangshi, Hubei. Daye also includes some separate towns, such as Dajipu (大箕铺)

In France, an equivalent of a county-level city is an agglomeration community.

While the idea of a "city" being a unit consisting of several "towns" is not a common one in English-speaking world, a somewhat similar naming convention is used for local government areas in some parts of Australia. For example, in New South Wales such a unit may often be called a "city" (rather than a traditional "shire"), and consist of "towns". E.g. City of Blue Mountains is made of a number of towns (Katoomba, Springwood, etc.).

Another example would be "municipal government" in the Canadian province of Ontario. Small municipalities (cities) and towns, along with urban, sub-urban and rural areas were merged or integrated into a "super" area, in part to obtain economies in administrative overhead by not having for each city and town individual library commissions, fire fighting units, health care, and other social services common to all areas. So for example, there has been for less than 10 years the "Municipality of Chatham-Kent" wherein the Corporation of the City of Chatham serves as the "seat" for the newly Chatham-Kent merged municipality. This agglomeration includes all of the "townships" in the county of Kent, with cities and towns like Wallaceberg, Thamesville, Dresden, Wheatley. This "amalgamation" as it is referred to, was controversial when it was essentially "forced" upon the constituents through provincial legislation.

Today, instead of each city having its own mayor and city councillors, there is a council with representatives from the various areas surrounding Chatham city.

County-Level City List

As of October 2016, there are 361 County-level city in total:

Chaohu 巢湖市 Anhui Hefei 2011-07-14
Jieshou 界首市 Anhui Fuyang 1989-09-27
Mingguang 明光市 Anhui Chuzhou 1994-05-31
Ningguo 宁国市 Anhui Xuancheng 1997-03-11
Tianchang 天长市 Anhui Chuzhou 1993-09-18
Tongcheng 桐城市 Anhui Anqing 1996-08-20
Changle 长乐市 Fujian Fuzhou 1994-02-18
Fu'an 福安市 Fujian Ningde 1989-11-13
Fuding 福鼎市 Fujian Ningde 1995-10-13
Fuqing 福清市 Fujian Fuzhou 1990-12-26
Jian'ou 建瓯市 Fujian Nanping 1992-10-20
Jinjiang 晋江市 Fujian Quanzhou 1992-03-06
Longhai 龙海市 Fujian Zhangzhou 1993-05-12
Nan'an 南安市 Fujian Quanzhou 1993-05-12
Shaowu 邵武市 Fujian Nanping 1983-08-17
Shishi 石狮市 Fujian Quanzhou 1987-12-17
Wuyishan 武夷山市 Fujian Nanping 1989-08-21
Yong'an 永安市 Fujian Sanming 1984-09-12
Zhangping 漳平市 Fujian Longyan 1990-08-15
Dunhuang 敦煌市 Gansu Jiuquan 1987-08-21
Hezuo 合作市 Gansu Gannan 1996-05-28
Linxia 临夏市 Gansu Linxia 1983-08-31
Yumen 玉门市 Gansu Jiuquan 1961-11-15
Enping 恩平市 Guangdong Jiangmen 1994-02-28
Gaozhou 高州市 Guangdong Maoming 1993-06-08
Heshan 鹤山市 Guangdong Jiangmen 1993-11-08
Huazhou 化州市 Guangdong Maoming 1994-07-04
Kaiping 开平市 Guangdong Jiangmen 1993-01-05
Lechang 乐昌市 Guangdong Shaoguan 1994-04-28
Leizhou 雷州市 Guangdong Zhanjiang 1994-04-26
Lianjiang 廉江市 Guangdong Zhanjiang 1993-12-10
Lianzhou 连州市 Guangdong Qingyuan 1994-04-22
Lufeng 陆丰市 Guangdong Shanwei 1995-01-19
Luoding 罗定市 Guangdong Yunfu 1993-04-08
Nanxiong 南雄市 Guangdong Shaoguan 1996-06-17
Puning 普宁市 Guangdong Jieyang 1993-04-06
Sihui 四会市 Guangdong Zhaoqing 1993-11-25
Taishan 台山市 Guangdong Jiangmen 1992-04-17
Wuchuan 吴川市 Guangdong Zhanjiang 1994-05-26
Xingning 兴宁市 Guangdong Meizhou 1994-06-06
Xinyi 信宜市 Guangdong Maoming 1995-09-11
Yangchun 阳春市 Guangdong Yangjiang 1994-05-05
Yingde 英德市 Guangdong Qingyuan 1994-01-12
Beiliu 北流市 Guangxi Yulin 1994-04-18
Cenxi 岑溪市 Guangxi Wuzhou 1995-09-11
Dongxing 东兴市 Guangxi Fangchenggang 1996-04-29
Guiping 桂平市 Guangxi Guigang 1994-05-18
Heshan 合山市 Guangxi Laibin 1981-06-29
Jingxi 靖西市 Guangxi Baise 2015-08-01
Pingxiang 凭祥市 Guangxi Chongzuo 1961-05-27
Yizhou 宜州市 Guangxi Hechi 1993-09-09
Chishui 赤水市 Guizhou Zunyi 1990-09-30
Duyun 都匀市 Guizhou Qiannan 1966-03-09
Fuquan 福泉市 Guizhou Qiannan 1996-12-02
Kaili 凯里市 Guizhou Qiandongnan 1983-08-19
Qingzhen 清镇市 Guizhou Guiyang 1992-11-06
Renhuai 仁怀市 Guizhou Zunyi 1995-11-30
Xingyi 兴义市 Guizhou Qianxinan 1987-11-06
Dongfang 东方市 Hainan none 1997-03-12
Qionghai 琼海市 Hainan none 1992-11-06
Wanning 万宁市 Hainan none 1996-08-05
Wenchang 文昌市 Hainan none 1995-11-07
Wuzhishan 五指山市 Hainan none 1986-06-12
Anguo 安国市 Hebei Baoding 1991-05-06
Bazhou 霸州市 Hebei Langfang 1990-01-04
Botou 泊头市 Hebei Cangzhou 1982-12-13
Dingzhou 定州市 Hebei Baoding 1986-03-05
Gaobeidian 高碑店市 Hebei Baoding 1993-04-09
Hejian 河间市 Hebei Cangzhou 1990-10-18
Huanghua 黄骅市 Hebei Cangzhou 1989-07-27
Jinzhou 晋州市 Hebei Shijiazhuang 1991-11-30
Nangong 南宫市 Hebei Xingtai 1986-03-05
Qian'an 迁安市 Hebei Tangshan 1996-10-10
Renqiu 任丘市Hebei Cangzhou 1986-03-05
Sanhe 三河市 Hebei Langfang 1993-03-03
Shahe 沙河市 Hebei Xingtai 1987-02-20
Shenzhou 深州市 Hebei Hengshui 1994-07-04
Wu'an 武安市 Hebei Handan 1988-09-01
Xinji 辛集市 Hebei Shijiazhuang 1986-03-05
Xinle 新乐市 Hebei Shijiazhuang 1992-10-08
Zhuozhou 涿州市 Hebei Baoding 1986-09-24
Zunhua 遵化市 Hebei Tangshan 1992-02-17
Anda 安达市 Heilongjiang Suihua 1984-11-17
Bei'an 北安市 Heilongjiang Heihe 1982-12-18
Dongning 东宁市 Heilongjiang Mudanjiang 2015-12-15
Fujin 富锦市 Heilongjiang Jiamusi 1988-08-30
Fuyuan 抚远市 Heilongjiang Jiamusi 2016-01-13
Hailin 海林市 Heilongjiang Mudanjiang 1992-07-28
Hailun 海伦市 Heilongjiang Suihua 1989-12-23
Hulin 虎林市 Heilongjiang Jixi 1996-10-11
Mishan 密山市 Heilongjiang Jixi 1988-11-17
Muling 穆棱市 Heilongjiang Mudanjiang 1995-03-07
Nehe 讷河市 Heilongjiang Qiqihar 1992-09-02
Ning'an 宁安市 Heilongjiang Mudanjiang 1993-02-12
Shangzhi 尚志市 Heilongjiang Harbin 1988-09-14
Suifenhe 绥芬河市 Heilongjiang Mudanjiang 1975-08-15
Tieli 铁力市 Heilongjiang Yichun 1988-09-13
Tongjiang 同江市 Heilongjiang Jiamusi 1987-02-24
Wuchang 五常市 Heilongjiang Harbin 1993-06-01
Wudalianchi 五大连池市 Heilongjiang Heihe 1983-10-08
Zhaodong 肇东市 Heilongjiang Suihua 1986-09-08
Changge 长葛市 Henan Xuchang 1993-12-14
Dengfeng 登封市 Henan Zhengzhou 1994-05-30
Dengzhou 邓州市 Henan Nanyang 1988-11-17
Gongyi 巩义市 Henan Zhengzhou 1991-06-12
Huixian 辉县市 Henan Xinxiang 1988-10-11
Jiyuan 济源市 Henan none 1988-06-25
Lingbao 灵宝市 Henan Sanmenxia 1993-05-12
Linzhou 林州市 Henan Anyang 1994-01-24
Mengzhou 孟州市 Henan Jiaozuo 1996-04-29
Qinyang 沁阳市 Henan Jiaozuo 1989-09-27
Ruzhou 汝州市 Henan Pingdingshan 1988-06-25
Weihui 卫辉市 Henan Xinxiang 1988-10-08
Wugang 舞钢市 Henan Pingdingshan 1990-09-04
Xiangcheng 项城市 Henan Zhoukou 1993-12-16
Xingyang 荥阳市 Henan Zhengzhou 1994-04-05
Xinmi 新密市 Henan Zhengzhou 1994-04-05
Xinzheng 新郑市 Henan Zhengzhou 1994-05-16
Yanshi 偃师市 Henan Luoyang 1993-12-15
Yima 义马市 Henan Sanmenxia 1981-04-04
Yongcheng 永城市 Henan Shangqiu 1996-10-11
Yuzhou 禹州市 Henan Xuchang 1988-06-25
Anlu 安陆市 Hubei Xiaogan 1987-09-04
Chibi 赤壁市 Hubei Xianning 1986-05-27
Dangyang 当阳市 Hubei Yichang 1988-10-22
Danjiangkou 丹江口市 Hubei Shiyan 1983-08-19
Daye 大冶市 Hubei Huangshi 1994-02-18
Enshi 恩施市 Hubei Enshi 1981-11-07
Guangshui 广水市 Hubei Suizhou 1988-10-11
Hanchuan 汉川市 Hubei Xiaogan 1997-03-12
Honghu 洪湖市 Hubei Jingzhou 1987-07-31
Laohekou 老河口市 Hubei Xiangyang 1979-11-16
Lichuan 利川市 Hubei Enshi 1986-05-27
Macheng 麻城市 Hubei Huanggang 1986-05-27
Qianjiang 潜江市 Hubei none 1988-05-25
Shishou 石首市 Hubei Jingzhou 1986-05-27
Songzi 松滋市 Hubei Jingzhou 1995-12-29
Tianmen 天门市 Hubei none 1987-08-03
Wuxue 武穴市 Hubei Huanggang 1987-10-23
Xiantao 仙桃市 Hubei none 1986-05-27
Yicheng 宜城市 Hubei Xiangyang 1994-06-10
Yidu 宜都市 Hubei Yichang 1987-11-30
Yingcheng 应城市 Hubei Xiaogan 1986-05-27
Zaoyang 枣阳市 Hubei Xiangyang 1988-01-08
Zhijiang 枝江市 Hubei Yichang 1996-07-30
Zhongxiang 钟祥市 Hubei Jingmen 1992-05-20
Changning 常宁市 Hunan Hengyang 1996-11-26
Hongjiang 洪江市 Hunan Huaihua 1979-09-01
Jinshi 津市市 Hunan Changde 1979-12-19
Jishou 吉首市 Hunan Xiangxi 1982-08-03
Leiyang 耒阳市 Hunan Hengyang 1986-11-11
Lengshuijiang 冷水江市 Hunan Loudi 1983-07-13
Lianyuan 涟源市 Hunan Loudi 1987-06-10
Liling 醴陵市 Hunan Zhuzhou 1985-05-24
Linxiang 临湘市 Hunan Yueyang 1992-09-01
Liuyang 浏阳市 Hunan Changsha 1993-01-16
Miluo 汨罗市 Hunan Yueyang 1987-09-23
Shaoshan 韶山市 Hunan Xiangtan 1990-12-26
Wugang 武冈市 Hunan Shaoyang 1994-02-18
Xiangxiang 湘乡市 Hunan Xiangtan 1986-09-12
Yuanjiang 沅江市 Hunan Yiyang 1988-10-11
Zixing 资兴市 Hunan Chenzhou 1984-12-20
Arxan 阿尔山市 Inner Mongolia Hinggan 1996-06-10
Erenhot 二连浩特市 Inner Mongolia Xilingol 1966-01-18
Ergun 额尔古纳市 Inner Mongolia Hulunbuir 1994-07-13
Fengzhen 丰镇市 Inner Mongolia Ulanqab 1990-11-15
Genhe 根河市 Inner Mongolia Hulunbuir 1994-04-28
Holingol 霍林郭勒市 Inner Mongolia Tongliao 1985-11-09
Manzhouli 满洲里市 Inner Mongolia Hulunbuir 1954-05-21
Ulanhot 乌兰浩特市 Inner Mongolia Hinggan 1980-07-26
Xilinhot 锡林浩特市 Inner Mongolia Xilingol 1983-10-10
Yakeshi 牙克石市 Inner Mongolia Hulunbuir 1983-10-10
Zhalantun 扎兰屯市 Inner Mongolia Hulunbuir 1983-10-10
Changshu 常熟市 Jiangsu Suzhou 1983-01-18
Danyang 丹阳市 Jiangsu Zhenjiang 1987-12-15
Dongtai 东台市 Jiangsu Yancheng 1987-12-17
Gaoyou 高邮市 Jiangsu Yangzhou 1991-02-06
Haimen 海门市 Jiangsu Nantong 1994-04-26
Jiangyin 江阴市 Jiangsu Wuxi 1987-04-23
Jingjiang 靖江市 Jiangsu Taizhou 1993-07-14
Jurong 句容市 Jiangsu Zhenjiang 1995-04-06
Liyang 溧阳市 Jiangsu Changzhou 1990-08-15
Kunshan 昆山市 Jiangsu Suzhou 1989-07-27
Pizhou 邳州市 Jiangsu Xuzhou 1992-07-07
Qidong 启东市 Jiangsu Nantong 1989-11-13
Rugao 如皋市 Jiangsu Nantong 1991-02-06
Taicang 太仓市 Jiangsu Suzhou 1993-01-08
Taixing 泰兴市 Jiangsu Taizhou 1992-09-21
Xinghua 兴化市 Jiangsu Taizhou 1987-12-22
Xinyi 新沂市 Jiangsu Xuzhou 1990-02-05
Yangzhong 扬中市 Jiangsu Zhenjiang 1994-05-18
Yixing 宜兴市 Jiangsu Wuxi 1988-01-09
Yizheng 仪征市 Jiangsu Yangzhou 1986-04-21
Zhangjiagang 张家港市 Jiangsu Suzhou 1986-09-16
Dexing 德兴市 Jiangxi Shangrao 1990-12-26
Fengcheng 丰城市 Jiangxi Yichun 1988-10-04
Gao'an 高安市 Jiangxi Yichun 1993-12-08
Gongqingcheng 共青城市 Jiangxi Jiujiang 2010-09-10
Guixi 贵溪市 Jiangxi Yingtan 1996-05-28
Jinggangshan 井冈山市 Jiangxi Ji'an 1984-12-13
Leping 乐平市 Jiangxi Jingdezhen 1992-07-27
Lushan 庐山市 Jiangxi Jiujiang 2016-03-20
Ruichang 瑞昌市 Jiangxi Jiujiang 1989-12-20
Ruijin 瑞金市 Jiangxi Ganzhou 1994-05-18
Zhangshu 樟树市 Jiangxi Yichun 1988-10-13
Da'an 大安市 Jilin Baicheng 1988-08-30
Dehui 德惠市 Jilin Changchun 1994-07-06
Dunhua 敦化市 Jilin Yanbian 1985-02-28
Fuyu 扶余市 Jilin Songyuan 2013-01-24
Gongzhuling 公主岭市 Jilin Siping 1985-12-19
Helong 和龙市 Jilin Yanbian 1993-07-05
Huadian 桦甸市 Jilin Jilin 1988-05-25
Hunchun 珲春市 Jilin Yanbian 1988-05-25
Ji'an 集安市 Jilin Tonghua 1988-03-16
Jiaohe 蛟河市 Jilin Jilin 1989-08-15
Linjiang 临江市 Jilin Baishan 1993-11-28
Longjing 龙井市 Jilin Yanbian 1988-05-25
Meihekou 梅河口市 Jilin Tonghua 1985-12-19
Panshi 磐石市 Jilin Jilin 1995-08-30
Shuangliao 双辽市 Jilin Siping 1996-04-29
Shulan 舒兰市 Jilin Jilin 1992-10-08
Taonan 洮南市 Jilin Baicheng 1987-05-21
Tumen 图们市 Jilin Yanbian 1965-03-27
Yanji 延吉市 Jilin Yanbian 1953-05-04
Yushu 榆树市 Jilin Changchun 1990-12-26
Beipiao 北票市 Liaoning Chaoyang 1985-01-17
Beizhen 北镇市 Liaoning Jinzhou 1995-03-21
Dashiqiao 大石桥市 Liaoning Yingkou 1992-11-03
Dengta 灯塔市 Liaoning Liaoyang 1996-08-27
Diaobingshan 调兵山市 Liaoning Tieling 1986-09-12
Donggang 东港市 Liaoning Dandong 1993-06-18
Fengcheng 凤城市 Liaoning Dandong 1994-03-08
Gaizhou 盖州市 Liaoning Yingkou 1992-11-03
Haicheng 海城市 Liaoning Anshan 1985-01-17
Kaiyuan 开原市 Liaoning Tieling 1988-12-27
Linghai 凌海市 Liaoning Jinzhou 1993-11-16
Lingyuan 凌源市 Liaoning Chaoyang 1991-12-21
Wafangdian 瓦房店市 Liaoning Dalian 1985-01-17
Xingcheng 兴城市 Liaoning Huludao 1986-12-13
Xinmin 新民市 Liaoning Shenyang 1993-06-14
Zhuanghe 庄河市 Liaoning Dalian 1992-09-21
Lingwu 灵武市 Ningxia Yinchuan 1996-04-29
Qingtongxia 青铜峡市 Ningxia Wuzhong 1984-12-17
Delingha 德令哈市 Qinghai Haixi 1988-04-19
Golmud 格尔木市 Qinghai Haixi 1980-06-14
Yushu 玉树市 Qinghai Yushu 2013-07-04
Hancheng 韩城市 Shaanxi Weinan 1983-09-09
Huayin 华阴市 Shaanxi Weinan 1990-12-27
Xingping 兴平市 Shaanxi Xianyang 1993-06-18
Anqiu 安丘市 Shandong Weifang 1994-01-18
Changyi 昌邑市 Shandong Weifang 1994-06-10
Feicheng 肥城市 Shandong Tai'an 1992-08-01
Gaomi 高密市 Shandong Weifang 1994-05-18
Haiyang 海阳市 Shandong Yantai 1996-04-29
Jiaozhou 胶州市 Shandong Qingdao 1987-02-12
Jimo 即墨市 Shandong Qingdao 1989-07-27
Laixi 莱西市 Shandong Qingdao 1990-12-18
Laiyang 莱阳市 Shandong Yantai 1987-02-20
Laizhou 莱州市 Shandong Yantai 1988-02-24
Leling 乐陵市 Shandong Dezhou 1988-09-01
Linqing 临清市 Shandong Liaocheng 1983-08-30
Longkou 龙口市 Shandong Yantai 1986-09-23
Penglai 蓬莱市 Shandong Yantai 1991-11-30
Pingdu 平度市 Shandong Qingdao 1989-07-27
Qingzhou 青州市 Shandong Weifang 1986-03-01
Qixia 栖霞市 Shandong Yantai 1995-11-30
Qufu 曲阜市 Shandong Jining 1986-06-02
Rongcheng 荣成市 Shandong Weihai 1988-11-01
Rushan 乳山市 Shandong Weihai 1993-07-17
Shouguang 寿光市 Shandong Weifang 1993-06-01
Tengzhou 滕州市 Shandong Zaozhuang 1988-03-07
Xintai 新泰市 Shandong Tai'an 1983-08-30
Yucheng 禹城市 Shandong Dezhou 1993-09-09
Zhaoyuan 招远市 Shandong Yantai 1991-12-21
Zhucheng 诸城市 Shandong Weifang 1987-04-20
Zoucheng 邹城市 Shandong Jining 1992-10-04
Fenyang 汾阳市 Shanxi Lüliang 1996-08-20
Gaoping 高平市 Shanxi Jincheng 1993-05-12
Gujiao 古交市 Shanxi Taiyuan 1988-02-24
Hejin 河津市 Shanxi Yuncheng 1994-01-12
Houma 侯马市 Shanxi Linfen 1971-06-05
Huozhou 霍州市 Shanxi Linfen 1989-12-23
Jiexiu 介休市 Shanxi Jinzhong 1992-02-10
Lucheng 潞城市 Shanxi Changzhi 1994-04-26
Xiaoyi 孝义市 Shanxi Lüliang 1992-02-10
Yongji 永济市 Shanxi Yuncheng 1994-01-12
Yuanping 原平市 Shanxi Xinzhou 1993-06-17
Barkam 马尔康市 Sichuan Ngawa 2015-11-02
Chongzhou 崇州市 Sichuan Chengdu 1994-06-20
Dujiangyan 都江堰市 Sichuan Chengdu 1988-03-03
Emeishan 峨眉山市 Sichuan Leshan 1988-09-01
Guanghan 广汉市 Sichuan Deyang 1988-02-24
Huaying 华蓥市Sichuan Guang'an 1985-02-04
Jiangyou 江油市 Sichuan Mianyang 1988-02-24
Jianyang 简阳市 Sichuan Chengdu 1994-04-05
Kangding 康定市 Sichuan Garzê 2015-02-17
Langzhong 阆中市 Sichuan Nanchong 1991-01-12
Mianzhu 绵竹市 Sichuan Deyang 1996-10-15
Pengzhou 彭州市 Sichuan Chengdu 1993-12-01
Qionglai 邛崃市 Sichuan Chengdu 1994-06-19
Shifang 什邡市 Sichuan Deyang 1995-11-08
Wanyuan 万源市 Sichuan Dazhou 1993-07-14
Xichang 西昌市 Sichuan Liangshan 1979-07-19
Aksu 阿克苏市 Xinjiang Aksu 1983-08-19
Alashankou 阿拉山口市 Xinjiang Bortala 2012-12-17
Altay 阿勒泰市 Xinjiang Altay 1984-11-17
Aral 阿拉尔市 Xinjiang none 2002-09-17
Artux 阿图什市 Xinjiang Kizilsu 1986-06-07
Beitun 北屯市 Xinjiang none 2011-12-27
Bole 博乐市 Xinjiang Bortala 1985-06-24
Changji 昌吉市 Xinjiang Changji 1983-07-21
Fukang 阜康市 Xinjiang Changji 1992-11-03
Hotan 和田市 Xinjiang Hotan 1983-09-09
Kashgar 喀什市 Xinjiang Kashgar 1952-05-22
Khorgas 霍尔果斯市 Xinjiang Ili 2014-06-26
Kokdala 可克达拉市 Xinjiang none 2015-03-16
Korla 库尔勒市 Xinjiang Bayingolin 1979-09-02
Kuytun 奎屯市 Xinjiang Ili 1975-08-29
Kunyu 昆玉市 Xinjiang none 2016-01-07
Shihezi 石河子市 Xinjiang none 1976-01-02
Shuanghe 双河市 Xinjiang none 2014-01-25
Tacheng 塔城市 Xinjiang Tacheng 1984-11-17
Tiemenguan 铁门关市 Xinjiang none 2012-12-17
Tumxuk 图木舒克市 Xinjiang none 2002-09-17
Wujiaqu 五家渠市 Xinjiang none 2002-09-17
Wusu 乌苏市 Xinjiang Tacheng 1996-07-10
Yining 伊宁市 Xinjiang Ili 1953-05-22
Anning 安宁市 Yunnan Kunming 1995-10-13
Chuxiong 楚雄市 Yunnan Chuxiong 1983-09-09
Dali 大理市 Yunnan Dali 1983-09-09
Gejiu 个旧市 Yunnan Honghe 1958-09-16
Jinghong 景洪市 Yunnan Xishuangbanna 1993-12-22
Kaiyuan 开远市 Yunnan Honghe 1981-01-18
Lushui 泸水市 Yunnan Nujiang 2016-06-16
Mang 芒市 Yunnan Dehong 1996-10-28
Mengzi 蒙自市 Yunnan Honghe 2010-09-10
Mile 弥勒市 Yunnan Honghe 2013-01-24
Ruili 瑞丽市 Yunnan Dehong 1992-06-26
Shangri-La 香格里拉市 Yunnan Dêqên 2014-12-16
Tengchong 腾冲市 Yunnan Baoshan 2015-08-01
Wenshan 文山市 Yunnan Wenshan 2010-12-02
Xuanwei 宣威市 Yunnan Qujing 1994-02-18
Cixi 慈溪市 Zhejiang Ningbo 1988-10-13
Dongyang 东阳市 Zhejiang Jinhua 1988-05-25
Haining 海宁市 Zhejiang Jiaxing 1986-11-22
Jiande 建德市 Zhejiang Hangzhou 1992-04-01
Jiangshan 江山市 Zhejiang Quzhou 1987-11-27
Lanxi 兰溪市 Zhejiang Jinhua 1985-05-15
Lin'an 临安市 Zhejiang Hangzhou 1996-10-28
Linhai 临海市 Zhejiang Taizhou 1986-03-01
Longquan 龙泉市 Zhejiang Lishui 1990-12-26
Pinghu 平湖市 Zhejiang Jiaxing 1991-06-15
Ruian 瑞安市 Zhejiang Wenzhou 1987-04-15
Shengzhou 嵊州市 Zhejiang Shaoxing 1995-08-30
Tongxiang 桐乡市 Zhejiang Jiaxing 1993-03-26
Wenling 温岭市 Zhejiang Taizhou 1994-02-18
Yiwu 义乌市 Zhejiang Jinhua 1988-05-25
Yongkang 永康市 Zhejiang Jinhua 1992-08-24
Yueqing 乐清市 Zhejiang Wenzhou 1993-09-18
Yuyao 余姚市 Zhejiang Ningbo 1985-07-16
Zhuji 诸暨市 Zhejiang Shaoxing 1989-09-27

Sub-prefecture-level cities

A sub-prefecture-level city is a county-level city with powers approaching those of prefecture-level cities. Examples include, Xiantao (Hubei), Qianjiang (Hubei), Tianmen (Hubei) and Jiyuan (Henan).

Old City Chinese quarter

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