1950 Open Championship

1950 Open Championship
Tournament information
Dates 5–7 July 1950
Location Troon, South Ayrshire, Scotland
Course(s) Troon Golf Club
Old Course
Par 70[1]
Length 6,583 yards (6,019 m)[2][3]
Field 93 players,[4] 35 after cut[5][6]
Cut 148
Prize fund £1,500
Winner's share £300
South Africa Bobby Locke
279 (−1)
Troon Golf Club
Location in Scotland
Troon Golf Club

The 1950 Open Championship was the 79th Open Championship, held 5–7 July at Troon Golf Club in Troon, South Ayrshire, Scotland. Defending champion Bobby Locke of South Africa won the second of his four Open titles, two strokes ahead of runner-up Roberto De Vicenzo of Argentina.[1][7] His total of 279 was a record for the Open Championship, beating the previous best of 283. It was the second Open Championship at Troon, which had previously hosted the Championship in 1923; it became "Royal Troon" in 1978.[8]

Qualifying took place on 3–4 July, with 18 holes on the Old Course at Troon and 18 holes on the Lochgreen municipal course on Monday and Tuesday. Johnny Bulla led the scoring at 140 with Norman Von Nida next on 141. The field for the Open proper was limited to a maximum of 100 participants and did not include ties. The qualifying score was 153 and 93 players advanced to the first round on Wednesday.[4]

Arthur Lees led after the first round with 68, a shot ahead of playing partner Eddie Whitcombe and Locke.[9][10] Dai Rees was the 36-hole leader at 139, followed by Bill Branch (140) and Locke (141).[5][6] Lees and Whitcombe both slipped back after Thursday rounds of 76, and Locke scored 72 after a six at the short fifth hole.[11] The maximum number of players making the cut after 36 holes was again set at 40. Ties for 40th place at 149 did not make the cut and only 35 players advanced to the final two rounds.[5][6][12]

After the third round on Friday morning, Locke, Rees, and Roberto De Vicenzo were tied for the lead at 211, Branch dropping back after a 78. In the final round in the afternoon, De Vicenzo was out in 33 and at the par-3 8th hole (the "Postage Stamp"), he put his tee shot into one of its penalizing bunkers. Finding it to be "plugged" he declared it unplayable and returned to the teeing ground. From there he put his second attempt "stone dead" and holed the short putt. The rules had recently been changed so that there was no penalty stroke for returning to the tee, and he ended up with a par. Coming home he dropped a shot at the tenth, two more at the twelfth and another at the thirteenth, but a good finish gave him a 70 and the clubhouse lead on 281. Locke was also out in 33 and finished with a round of 68 to lead De Vicenzo by two. Rees was the remaining challenger for the championship and he too was out in 33. However, he had a six at the tenth hole and finished with 71 to tie for third place. On a day of low scoring, Eric Moore was out in 32 and finished with 68; Fred Daly and Frank Stranahan both scored 66.[13]


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Old Course

HoleNameYardsPar HoleNameYardsPar
1Seal3554 10Sandhills4364
2Black Rock372411The Railway3264
3Gyaws378412The Fox3854
8Postage Stamp120317Rabbit2233
9The Monk427418Craigend4104
Source:[2][3] Total6,58370

Opens from 1962 through 1989 played the 11th hole as a par-5,
and 4th hole has been a par-5 since 1962.

Round summaries

First round

Wednesday, 5 July 1950

PlacePlayerCountryScoreTo par
1 Arthur Lees  England 68 −2
T2 Bobby Locke  South Africa 69 −1
Eddie Whitcombe  England
4 Sam King  England 70 E
T5 Bill Branch  England 71 +1
Fred Bullock  England
Dai Rees  Wales
Norman Sutton  England
Hector Thomson  Scotland
T10 Fred Allott  England 72 +2
David Blair (a)  Scotland
George Boomer  England
Roberto De Vicenzo  Argentina
Max Faulkner  England
John Fallon  Scotland
James Wilson (a)  England


Second round

Thursday, 6 July 1950

PlacePlayerCountryScoreTo par
1 Dai Rees  Wales 71-68=139 −1
2 Bill Branch  England 71-69=140 E
3 Bobby Locke  South Africa 69-72=141 +1
T4 Fred Bullock  England 71-71=142 +2
Max Faulkner  England 72-70=142
Eric Moore  South Africa 74-68=142
T7 Johnny Bulla  United States 73-70=143 +3
Roberto De Vicenzo  Argentina 72-71=143
Hector Thomson  Scotland 71-72=143
T10 David Blair (a)  Scotland 72-72=144 +4
Harry Bradshaw  Ireland 73-71=144
Stewart Field  England 73-71=144
Arthur Lees  England 68-76=144
Wally Smithers  England 74-70=144
Flory Van Donck  Belgium 73-71=144


Third round

Friday, 7 July 1950 (morning)

PlacePlayerCountryScoreTo par
T1 Roberto De Vicenzo  Argentina 72-71-68=211 +1
Bobby Locke  South Africa 69-72-70=211
Dai Rees  Wales 71-68-72=211
T4 Max Faulkner  England 72-70-70=212 +2
Arthur Lees  England 68-76-68=212
T6 Fred Bullock  England 71-71-71=213 +3
Sam King  England 70-75-68=213
8 Johnny Bulla  United States 73-70-71=214 +4
9 Eric Moore  South Africa 74-68-73=215 +5
T10 Fred Daly  Northern Ireland 75-72-69=216 +6
Hector Thomson  Scotland 71-72-73=216
Flory Van Donck  Belgium 73-71-72=216


Final round

Friday, 7 July 1950 (afternoon)

PlacePlayerCountryScoreTo parMoney (£)
1 Bobby Locke  South Africa 69-72-70-68=279 −1 300
2 Roberto De Vicenzo  Argentina 72-71-68-70=281 +1 200
T3 Fred Daly  Northern Ireland 75-72-69-66=282 +2 87
Dai Rees  Wales 71-68-72-71=282
T5 Max Faulkner  England 72-70-70-71=283 +3 35
Eric Moore  South Africa 74-68-73-68=283
T7 Fred Bullock  England 71-71-71-71=284 +4 20
Arthur Lees  England 68-76-68-72=284
T9 Sam King  England 70-75-68-73=286 +6
Flory Van Donck  Belgium 73-71-72-70=286
Frank Stranahan (a)  United States 77-70-73-66=286 0


(a) denotes amateur


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