2000 Cupa României Final

2000 Cupa României Final
Event 1999–2000 Cupa României
Date 13 May 2000
Venue Stadionul Naţional, Bucharest
Referee Sorin Corpodean (Romania)
Attendance 55,000

The 2000 Cupa României Final was the 62nd final of Romania's most prestigious cup competition. The final was played at the Stadionul Naţional in Bucharest on 13 May 2000 and was contested between Divizia A sides Dinamo Bucureşti and Universitatea Craiova. The cup was won by Dinamo.

Route to the final

FC Dinamo Bucureşti

Round of 32Tractorul Braşov14Dinamo Bucureşti
Round of 16Dinamo Bucureşti31 Rocar Bucureşti
Quarter-finalsDinamo Bucureşti32Naţional Bucureşti
Semi-finals 1st LegOţelul Galaţi02Dinamo Bucureşti
Semi-finals 2nd LegDinamo Bucureşti31Oţelul Galaţi

FC Universitatea Craiova

Round of 32Telecom Arad13Universitatea Craiova
Round of 16Universitatea Craiova10Steaua Bucureşti
Quarter-finalsUniversitatea Craiova10Petrolul Ploieşti
Semi-finals 1st LegUniversitatea Craiova20Rapid Bucureşti
Semi-finals 2nd LegRapid Bucureşti21Universitatea Craiova

Match details

13 May 2000
20:30 EEST
Dinamo Bucureşti 20 Universitatea Craiova
Niculae  6' (pen.)
Hîldan  89'
Stadionul Naţional
Attendance: 55,000
Referee: Sorin Corpodean (Romania)
Dinamo Bucureşti
Universitatea Craiova
GK 1 Romania Ştefan Preda
DF 17 Romania Giani Kiriţă
DF 4 Romania Valentin Năstase
DF 6 Romania Gheorghe Mihali
DF 20 Romania Daniel Florea
MF 8 Romania Florentin Petre  90'
MF 11 Romania Cătălin Hîldan
MF 10 Romania Ioan Lupescu (c)
MF 5 Romania Daniel Iftodi
FW 13 Romania Adrian Mihalcea  69'
FW 16 Romania Marius Niculae  89'
GK 12 Morocco Khalid Fouhami
LB 21 Romania Cornel Buta  90'
MF 14 Romania Florin Cernat
MF 23 Romania Bogdan Mara  69'
FW 19 Romania Claudiu Drăgan  89'
Romania Cornel Dinu
GK 1 Romania Florin Prunea
DF 2 Romania Flavius Stoican
DF 24 Romania Cosmin Bărcăuan
DF 4 Romania Florin Bătrânu
DF 6 Romania Corneliu Papură (c)  68'
MF 19 Romania Ionuț Dragomir  57'
MF 18 Romania Marius Sava
MF 7 Romania Silvian Cristescu
MF 11 Romania Cornel Frăsineanu
FW 16 Romania Alin Vigariu  82'
FW 11 Romania Claudiu Niculescu
MF 10 Romania Ştefan Grigorie  57'
MF 14 Romania Robert Vancea  68'
FW 9 Romania Eugen Neagoe  82'
Romania Emil Săndoi


  • Assistant referees:
    • Romania Nicolae Grigorescu
    • Romania Ioan Onicaş
  • Fourth official:



      • 90 minutes.
      • 30 minutes extra-time (15-minute intervals)
      • Penalty shoot-out if scores level after extra time.
      • Seven named substitutes
      • Maximum of 3 substitutions.


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