2026 Asian Games

XX Asian Games
Host city Nagoya, Japan
Main venue Paloma Mizuho Stadium
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The 2026 Asian Games, also known as XX Asiad, will be a multi-sport event celebrated in Nagoya, Japan.[1] Nagoya will be the third Japanese city to host the Games, after Tokyo in 1958 and Hiroshima in 1994.



The Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) selected Nagoya to host the Games at their annual general assembly session in Danang, Vietnam, on September 25, 2016.[2] The bid was initially in threat of falling apart after a budget dispute between Aichi Prefecture and Aichi Prefecture's capital Nagoya, but was resolved, allowing the bid to be accepted.[3] The OCA originally planned to choose the 2026 host city in 2018, but brought the planning date forward due to the intensity of the region's sporting calendar, including the next three Olympic Games between 2018 and 2022.[4]


The city of Nagoya received an estimate of roughly ¥85 billion in costs from the Aichi Prefecture government for the event, 30% of which is expected to be covered by sponsorships and other revenue, while the remainder is planned to be split on a 70–30 basis between Nagoya and Aichi Prefecture.[3]


The Games are planned to utilize existing facilities. Paloma Mizuho Stadium will host the both ceremonies and athletics, Nippon Gaishi Hall is to be used for both gymnastics and aquatics, the Nagoya Dome is to be used for baseball, and the Toyota Stadium is to be used for football.[2]


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