Air & Space/Smithsonian

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Air & Space/Smithsonian

March 2003 cover of Air & Space/Smithsonian
Editor Linda Musser Shiner
Categories aviation, human spaceflight, history, current events
Frequency 6 per year
Publisher Smithsonian Enterprises
Total circulation
192,158 [1]
First issue April 1986
Country United States
Based in Washington DC
Language American English
ISSN 0886-2257

Air & Space/Smithsonian magazine is a bimonthly magazine put out by the National Air and Space Museum. Because the museum is a part of the Smithsonian Institution, which puts out its own Smithsonian magazine, the magazine's full title is Air & Space/Smithsonian. Therefore, the word "Smithsonian" appears on the cover, just beneath "AIR&SPACE", in a much smaller size.

Articles in the magazine involve topics related to aviation, space travel, and space-related physics.


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