Attanagalla Divisional Secretariat

Attanagalla Divisional Secretariat
Divisional Secretariat
Country  Sri Lanka
Province Western Province
District Gampaha District
  Type Divisional Secretary's Division
  Divisional Secretary D. M. Rathnayake
  Total 178,816
  Density 3,000/sq mi (1,200/km2)
Time zone Sri Lanka Standard Time (UTC+5:30)

Attanagalla Divisional Secretariat is a Divisional Secretariat of Gampaha District, of Western Province, Sri Lanka.The duties possessed by " Rate Mahattaya " have been entrusted with Divisional Revenues Officers in 1950 In forming Divisional Assistant Government Agent Attanagalla has become a Divisional Secretariat in 1972 which covers Attanagalla Electorate.

Administrative units

Attanagalla Divisional Secretariat which had possessed 86 Gama Niladhari Divisional at the beginning is now consisted of 151 Grama Niladhari Divisions(GN Divisions)[1] for the time being.


DS Division Main Town Divisional Secretary GN
Population (2012 Census)[3] Population
Sinhalese Sri Lankan Moors Sri Lankan
Malays Other Total
Attanagalla Attanagalla D. M. Rathnayake 151 149 154,969 21,389 927 657 874 178,816 1,200


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