Bhikampur and Datawali (Aligarh) State

Bhikampur and Datawali
Principality under the nominal sovereignty of Mughal Empire and British India

Collapse of Mughal Empire–1947

Coat of arms

  Established Collapse of Mughal Empire
  Independence of India 1947
Today part of Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, India

The Bhikampur and Datawali principality is in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh. For nearly four centuries, before the advent of British Raj in India, it was ruled by the descendants of a Sherwani Pathan from Jalalabad in Afghanistan.[1] The Sherwani clan were practically independent rulers in the period between the collapse of Mughal Empire and the rise of the British.


The clan had two main branches, the lineage of Bhikampur and that of Datawali, and practiced Cousin marriage to an almost exclusive degree. The family tree presents a bewildering array of interlocking relationships. Their marriage patterns kept the family properties intact, while taking a toll on the health of their increasingly inbred offspring. The Sherwanis were a family that displayed an intriguing combination of the progressive and the conservative: They were supporters of education, whether Islamic or western, and promoters of education for women, although the women of the family maintained strict purdah and were educated at home. Their loyalist politics were manifested in civic service and membership in reform associations, along with resistance to the growing forces of anti-British activism before and after World War I.[2]

Notable Members

The Sherwani clan of Aligarh district produced a number of distinguished figures,

Bhikampur Gate, Aligarh Muslim University
Muzammil Manzil


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