Dingwall Pursuivant

Dingwall Pursuivant

The heraldic badge of Dingwall Pursuivant of Arms
Heraldic tradition Gallo-British
Jurisdiction Scotland
Governing body Court of the Lord Lyon

Dingwall Pursuivant of Arms is a current Scottish pursuivant of arms of the Court of the Lord Lyon.[1]

Dingwall Pursuivant was formerly a private officer of arms in the service of the Lord of the Isles, but along with Kintyre Pursuivant, Ross Herald, and Islay Herald became an officer of arms to the Scottish Crown when the Lord of the Isles forfeited his estates and titles to James IV of Scotland in 1493.

The badge of office is A mullet within an annulet rayonnee Or and enfiled in chief of a coronet of four fleurs-de-lys (two visible) and four crosses pattee (one and two halves visible) Or.[2]

The office is currently held by Yvonne Holton BA(Hons) FGA, DGA, FRSA. She was appointed to this post on the 20 June 2011.[3] Mrs. Holton also holds the position of Herald Painter to the Court of the Lord Lyon, a title to which she was appointed since 10 January 2005.

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