Ernest Mamboury

Ernest Mamboury (1 April 1878 - 23 September 1953) was a Swiss scholar renowned for his works on the historic structures in Turkish cities, particularly on Byzantine art and architecture in Istanbul.


Mamboury was born 1878 in Signy-Avenex, Switzerland. He studied in the École Normale of Lausanne (1894-1898), in Geneva (1898-1903) and the Académie Julian in Paris (1904-1905).

In 1909 he became a professor of French language and literature at Galatasaray High School in Constantinople (Istanbul), Ottoman Empire.

Throughout his life in Istanbul, which lasted for more than forty years until his death in 1953, Mamboury dedicated most of his literary works on the Byzantine structures of this city, as well as other significant historic monuments in Istanbul and Ankara.

Ernest Mamboury died in Istanbul on September 23, 1953, and was buried at the Feriköy Protestant Cemetery, Istanbul in the Feriköy district on the Golden Horn.



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