Esporte Clube São José

Not to be confused with São José Esporte Clube or Grêmio Esportivo São José.
São José-PA
Full name Esporte Clube São José
Founded May 24, 1913 (1913-05-24)
Stadium Passo D'Areia, Porto Alegre
Ground Capacity 8,000
Coach Thiago Gomes Pacheco
League Campeonato Gaúcho
2014 Campeonato Gaúcho, 11th
Website Club home page

Esporte Clube São José, usually known as São José de Porto Alegre or simply as São José-PA, is a traditional Brazilian football club from Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul state.


On May 24, 1913, students of a Catholic school named Colégio São José founded the club as Sport Club São José. The club was named after the student's school.[1]

On June 22, 1913, São José beat Hilsfverein 2-0. It was the first match played by the club.[2]

On August 30, 1914, the club played its first official match, for the Campeonato da Cidade (City's Championship), against Fuss Ball Frisch Auf, owned by Sogipa. São José won 3-0.[2]

In 1963, São José defeated Riograndense and won its first title, which was the Campeonato Gaúcho Second Level.[3]


1963, 1981


São José's stadium is Estádio Passo D'Areia, inaugurated in 1940, with a maximum capacity of 8,000 people.[4]


São José's biggest rival is Cruzeiro-POA.

Other sports

Besides football, São José also has other sports sections, such as basketball, bocce, futsal, and roller skating.[5]


The club is usually nicknamed Zequinha, meaning Little José.[2]


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